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How to Style Your Sweatpants

March 25, 2021
Team Knix

The jeans in the back of your closet do NOT want you to read this article.  

And for good reason. With sweatpants emerging as our go-to work uniforms, errand outfits and our wine-and-charcuterie-night-in ensembles— loungewear reigns supreme for a simple reason (and no, it’s not just that they’re basically pajamas you can wear during the day). It’s that they’re extremely versatile.  

Knix’s new Good to Go drop is exactly that— a bold collection of joggers, crewnecks and rompers that you can wear literally anywhere and at anytime. And as we emerge from our winter cocoons refreshed, revitalized (and maybe even vaccinated!), we’re ready to start showing off our most fab lounge looks in public this spring.

But how exactly does one go from couch to runway? Change out of your slippers and into a fresh pair of sneakers— we’ve got all the styling tips you need to make your sweats good to go no matter the occasion. 

Keep it Monochrome

good to go in black
The Crewneck and Joggers in Black also come in a set so you can match in a flash

The humble sweatsuit can transform into a major fashion moment with just a bit of color coordinating. The first step is figuring out a full-body color that you’ll be able to stick to. Thankfully, we took care of this part— by creating 3 colorway sets in our Good to Go sweatsuits that scream, now this is a monochromatic palette, honey. Once you settle on Black, Cinnamon or Pacifica—  add on a jacket, shoes, bag and hat that all have similar tones. Mix and match textures and fabrics too! And don’t worry if not everything is exactly the same tone. Keeping things monochrome (or monochrome-ish), automatically makes your ensemble thoughtful-looking— which makes it not only a super easy look to create, but an impressive one too. 

Add Jewelry 

good to go cinnamon
The Cinnamon Set looks gorge with a little bit of gold! 

Throwing in some sparkle, shine, glitz and/or glam never hurt anyone. Nothing says, “I didn’t just wear these while watching Netflix for 4 hours in bed”, like adding a simple gold chain to your Good to Go look. For extra spice, dig into your jewelry box and add a few more chains for a stunning layered look. 

Find Some Structure

good to go romper black
From bedroom to boardroom, a blazer over the Black Good to Go Set instantly transforms the the look. 

Loungewear is soft, cozy, flowy and relaxed! So an easy way to transform your sweats is to add a little structure to your fit. The easiest way to do this is by layering with (and write this down) a #FunJacketMoment! We’re talking denim jackets. We’re talking trench coats. We’re talking blazers even! Adding an oversized jacket with some structure will have people turning your way and thinking, “Hold on, is that Hailey Bieber?”  

Shoes Complete the Look

good to go pacifica
A fresh sneaker changes everything! Especially with the Pacifca set

Not to throw the author of this article right under the bus, but when she wears joggers, she often pairs them with Crocs or some sort of slip-on slide (I’m talking about myself here readers). In my defence, this is what we call a “dog-walking” look. Now, this ensemble is just fine and fresh for a walk around the park, but it can be easily elevated with a fresh pair of old-school sneakers. You can also play around with a chunky boot, or try out your best Kardashian cosplay with a strappy sandal. The opportunities are endless! 

Shop the Good to Go Collection here and tag us in your best lounge looks @Knixwear!