How to Avoid Visible Panty Lines

January 08, 2020
Isabella Torchia

In a world filled with confusing acronyms (LOL, OMG, SMH, oh my!) perhaps the most dreaded of them all is VPL— Visible. Panty. Lines. Even the strongest of women have checked their butts in the mirror and shuddered at the mere glimpse of their underwear poking through.

You may be thinking, Who cares about VPL? Everyone wears underwear. We shouldn’t be ashamed of it! We hear you. But simply put, intimates are intimate! And sometimes we just don’t want people detecting every detail of our drawers. Especially while working out, when all you want to do is focus on YOU. 

We’ve all read about different VPL hacks for the gym. Thicker leggings are often suggested, but those can get too hot. Patterned athleisure has been thrown into the mix, but maybe cheetah print leggings aren’t exactly your vibe. Don’t change your workout gear, just change your base layer— underwear!  Luckily, Knix has your butt covered. Read on to discover why our seamless underwear is the best visible panty line hack for the most comfortable workout. 


Knix’s New Sport Collection features our completely seamless underwear that you know and love (in brand new colors!) They’re so thin and stretchy, that no one will notice them even under the tightest leggings. They’re comfy too, so you might not notice them either. Turning a VPL into an IPL (Invisible Panty Line, see what I did there), you’ll never have to worry about your underwear being in the spotlight again. 


While other brands of Leakproof underwear are bulky, Knix Leakproof underwear are ultra-thin, yet have an ultra-absorbent built-in liner. They’re just as invisible as our Essential underwear. All of Knix’s seamless underwear styles come in a leakproof option that absorb up to 3 teaspoons of liquid, stops leaks and kills odor. Sweat a lot? No problem girl, we know you work hard! These undies work hard too. You’re free to sweat in a pair of Leakproof seamless underwear

Comfortable & Versatile 

With our underwear being seamless, you’ve already tackled the biggest issue: visible panty lines. But how do they fit? Are they right for your work out? How about those dreaded wedgies you get after a few squats?

The Sport Collection houses a wide range of seamless underwear styles, so there’s a lot to choose from depending on what you find the most comfortable. Our pick is the High-Rise Thong. With the smoothing comfort of a high rise and the seamless look of a thong, it’s the perfect underwear for the gym. Sitting at the waist-line for a natural fit, we bet you’ll want to start wearing these outside of spin class too. Pair with your favorite leggings or high-waisted pants and you’re good to go. 

Looking for other styles of seamless underwear? Mix and match a 3 pack of the Boyshort (most coverage); Bikini (medium coverage); and Thong (minimal coverage) for your new go-to, VPL-proof gym undies. 

Looking for a supportive sports bra to pair with your new seamless VPL-proof underwear? Check out the rest of our Sport Collection here.