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How to Rejuvenate Your Space: Healing Crystals 101

January 19, 2021
Team Knix with Kassi Tanner
Ringing in 2021 with the best vibes imaginable is Knix’s Rejuvenate Collection— inspired by the healing nature of crystals and wildflowers. With new colors Amethyst and Rose Quartz, there’s no better time to dive into their crystal namesakes and all the ways they can help soothe us in the new year. Thankfully, crystal expert Kassi Tanner from Just Kweenin is here to help us learn about the stones that inspired this collection, plus tells us all about her favorite must-have crystal for 2021. 

Rose Quartz rose quartz

This super easy to come by quartz crystal has been used for thousands of years. And for good reason. “Egyptian, Ancient Roman and Greek civilizations believed Rose Quartz crystals had magical powers that would bring them good luck”, Kassi explained. 

Today, Rose Quartz crystals embody feminine energy, and is often thought to be the “universal stone of love”. A crystal that helps promote balance and harmony, it’s the perfect quartz for helping with “heartbreak, deep inner healing, self-love and care”. And of course— due to the feminine energy they embody, Kassi also told us that many women reach for Rose Quartz for strength and protection during infertility struggles. 

It should come as no surprise to armchair astrologists that Rose Quartz is associated with Taurus and Libra, as they’re both ruled by Venus (the planet of love!).  But of course, Rose Quartz is for everyone, Kassi reminded us. Speaking directly to the heart chakra and all the loving energy that flows through, Rose Quartz helps to dissolve grudges, distresses and anxiety— in turn “purifying and reawakening the heart to its innate love”. And who doesn’t need a little bit of that in 2021. 



Just looking at this stunner of a purple stone, you can tell it carries a ton of positive energy. It’s a sought after healing gemstone for a reason, Kassi explained to us. 

The Amethyst has a proven track record— it’s been used as a healing crystal throughout history, all over the world. Amethyst derives from the Greek word “Amethystos”, which means… well, it means to be drunk! And just as we use Sunday Brunch to help “cure us”, Ancient Greeks believed that carrying around this stone helped them to sober up or prevent drunkenness in the first place. This meaning of “healing” would evolve, and later, medieval European soldiers would carry Amethyst on the battlefields to help them keep calm.

Today, Kassi explains, Amethyst can be used to block out negative energy. Known as the “stone of wisdom”, Amethyst speaks directly to the crown chakra and can help us to “ease worries, remove distractions, and helps align our mind with clear consciousness”. It’s one of the best stones for clearing the energies of a healing space, and can help you whenever you feel drained. Although associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius, Amethyst isn’t just for water bearers. “This crystal governs our connection with the universe”, Kassi tells us. 

Clear Quartz

Just Kweenin📷: Made by Kassi and available on Just Kweenin

Although we don’t have a Clear Quartz inspired bra in the Rejuvenate Collection, we just may have to add it in for next time (A clear bra? Our Design Team is always up for a challenge!). 

One of her favorite gemstones, Kassi explained it’s because Clear Quartz is the most powerful, versatile and multipurpose stone available. Known for its ability to magnify the healing vibrations of crystals surrounding it, everyone from Egyptians to Aztecs would use it in meditation to remove negative energy or hexes. 

Associated with the relentlessly fiery sign of Leo, the Clear Quartz has endless healing properties. Used for spiritual awakenings and soul cleanses, they’re also often used to stimulate the immune system, boost energy levels and clear the mind. Looking to charge it with a specific intent? “All you have to do is focus your energy towards your goal in order to direct the universe’s energy toward it”, Kassi explains. If you’re looking for a deep soul cleanser and positive energy in 2021, Clear Quartz is the stone for you. 

When we asked Kassi how to choose crystals, she told us the answer is simple: “If one stands out to you, it’s something that you’re lacking and currently need in your life!”. Looking to manifest some joy this year? Check out Kassi’s store Just Kweenin, where she makes beautiful manifestation candles, and crystal jewelry— so you can take the healing energy anywhere you go. And to keep the good vibes rolling, shop our Rejuvenate Collection here.