Grammy Awards: The Hopefulness of Girl Power

March 15, 2021
Isabella Torchia

As Megan Thee Stallion said when she won Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards, “It’s been a hell of a year, but we made it”. And for many of us, we made it because of music.

Last night’s 63rd Grammy Awards was a celebration of the music that touched our lives and saved our souls these past few months. And between the Harry Styles boa moment that will forever be implanted in my brain to Cardi B’s giant silk bed, there was definitely a lot to celebrate—  especially when it came to the women whose music we streamed for hours on end this year. If you performed Doja Cat’s Say So in the mirror or turned weepy every time Phoebe Bridgers came on shuffle on a rainy car ride (just me?), you know that it was oftentimes girl power that really helped you through. 

Dancing Along Taylor Swift GIF by Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

It was a big night for our favs here at Knix HQ, starting with a win that happened even before the 836 hour long televised award show had begun: Blue Ivy Carter swooping in with her first (and certainly not her last) Grammy win at the wise, old age of 9. Her award for Best Music Video set the stage for an even bigger win from her lesser known mother— Beyoncé.

Sneaking in mid-way to casually say hi to Megan Thee Stallion, Beyoncé snagged wins for Best R&B Performance and Best Rap Performance, making her the most awarded Grammy singer of all time. With a total of 28 wins, Bey told everyone watching:

As an artist, I believe it’s my job and all of our jobs to reflect the times and it’s been such a difficult time. So I wanted to uplift, encourage and celebrate all the beautiful Black kings and queens that continue to inspire me and inspire the whole world. 

*Cue our standing ovation*. She is an icon, she is a legend, and she will always be the moment. Seeing Beyoncé celebrate her career-long triumphs alongside Meg was definitely the spark we all needed. 

Beyonce Megan Thee Stallion GIF by Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

Knowles-Carter dynasty not included, I have some very strong opinions on who should have won some of the other categories (I only really listen to Lady Gaga, so you can probably figure it out). And while I may have a few controversial Folklore thoughts here and there, ultimately the Knix HQ group chat agreed on one thing— the girls of the Grammys really deserved everything and more. 

H.E.R. won Song of the Year for I Can’t Breathe, an emotional piece of music inspired by George Floyd’s death. Mickey Guyton was the first Black woman to be nominated for a Country Solo award and Cardi B gave us a performance that none of us blinked through. Taylor Swift’s Best Album win showed Scooter Braun that she can’t be messed with. The Haim sisters shredded, while Fiona Apple politely declined attending out of protest. And Dua Lipa gave us a full pop-star moment complete with outfit changes and choreo.

Knix Tweet

These women act as both a reflection of the past year— the hardships, the heartbreak, and the struggle, while also reminding us that what’s to come is hopeful. It’s joyous. It’s a song with a catchy chorus, sung screaming with friends. It’s bright strobe lights and loud bass and proclamations that you're unstoppable. It's community. 

No matter the genre, these artists are symbols of strength and perseverance. I’m so thankful they made music last year, and I'm equally grateful they make us feel hopeful, excited and ready for the future. If 2021 looks like Beyoncé and Megan sharing the stage, we just might be alright. 

Now I gotta go, I have an album to record. I need to catch up with Blue!

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