Dear Knix,

I’m getting ready to give birth, and besides all the normal worries (sleep deprivation and nonstop crying), I’m struggling to find a nursing bra that is supportive and comfortable enough to wear all day long. I’ve read about your Evolution Bra, and I like that I could keep wearing it after weaning. Does it work for nursing moms?




Hi Lindsey,

First, congratulations! We’re so excited for the arrival of your new baby.

And yes, we’re happy to say that many new moms have told us how much they love their Evolution Bra for breastfeeding. It’s not a traditional nursing bra, but because our straps easily unfasten at the front and back, it’s simple to slip down when it’s time to breastfeed. (In fact, our super hot model up there is a nursing mama herself.) 

Other reasons it’s great for new moms? No wires. Generally, doctors and midwives advice against wearing wired bras while nursing, since the tightness of the wires can inhibit milk production and flow and make your already sensitive breasts even more tender. Nursing can be uncomfortable at first — your bra shouldn’t add to that stress. The Evolution Bra has molded cups for support without wires, so you’ll still get lift and shape.

Finally, you’re getting all the awesome moisture-wicking, quick-dry, anti-odor properties of our stretch fabric, so there’s no need to worry about leaks. We’re also fully machine washable, so any baby accidents can be taken care of without extra fuss.

We hope this helps!


Happy Knixing, 


Pssst: one of our fave recommendations for new moms are a few pairs of our seamless leakproof underwear — a much chicer way to deal with postpartum leaking than bulky pads or diapers.