A Day in the Sun with Becca Tilley

May 26, 2021
Team Knix

A few weeks ago, we headed to LA to shoot our 2021 Swim Collection in its natural habitat—  hot, sunny, and by a shimmering blue pool. Along for the swim was the charming Becca Tilley— a favorite within the Bachelor Nation and current co-host of the Scrubbing In podcast. An adventurer with an affinity for wanderlust and pop culture, we caught up with Becca by the pool for a chat. Say hi to Becca! 

becca tilley display: centredBecca lounging in Knix's Ruffle One-Piece 

What’s the best travel adventure you’ve ever been on?

I am so fortunate to have so many. I went to Japan in 2019 and it was one of the most amazing trips of my life. The people, the culture, the food everything was amazing! I was able to see so much in a short amount of time and I can't wait to go back and see more! I always tell people they have to go to Japan!

Describe your dream vacation. What’s on your destination to-do list? 

My dream vacation is somewhere tropical with see-through blue water. I love warm water with a drink in my hand and white sand! I don’t mind adventures when I am on vacation. I like to explore and I LOVE being on a boat. It's also very important to have room service and good food. At the end of the day, I just love traveling and seeing the world with people I love!  

becca tilley display: centred

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Tell us about your podcast Scrubbing In! 

My podcast Scrubbing In is basically just me and my best friend Tanya having girl chats. We could not be more opposite in almost everything which makes for so many funny conversations. The name came from my love for Grey's Anatomy! I have been a loyal viewer forever and wanted my podcast name to be a fun play off of my obsession with Grey's! 

What are 5 of your fav "Must-Watch" shows of all time? 

FRIENDS (I can't wait for the reunion special), Grey’s Anatomy, Dawson's Creek, and the limited series Little Fires Everywhere. To be honest I can't even think of a fifth one because usually I just start a series, watch a few seasons and then I will just stop out of nowhere— so I never know what happens. So I'll say Bachelor in Paradise, ha! 

If you could pick any fictional TV character to be the Bachelorette, who would it be? 

Rachel Green, hands down! Or Meredith Grey, because *spoiler alert* — they killed McDreamy. She would be fun to watch because she wouldn't put up with any of the antics! 

What’s something you’re proudest of accomplishing in the last year? 

I just bought a house! It was a goal I set and I feel so proud that I was able to accomplish it. I feel very adult!! 

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