5 TV Shows to Dive Into This Summer

July 27, 2021
Haley Wiseman

Summer is the perfect time of year to be sitting inside with your eyes glued to a screen. No, seriously. There’s some good stuff on right now! I know this because I make TV commercials for a living, so I treat watching TV shows like a sport. The Olympics have nothing on me.

Isn’t it nice after a long day outside to plop on the couch in air conditioning and turn on a show to binge? What about when you need to nurse that sunburn after a beach trip? Or when you just want to watch something on your screen other than your co-workers’ faces in Zoom meetings? No matter the reason, you should feel no shame in wanting to sit indoors in gorgeous weather (I definitely don’t!). Here are 5 shows to dive into this summer.

The White Lotus

What is it: A dark comedy following the lives of different resort guests over the course of a week. 

Who's in it: Connie Britton, Sydney Sweeney, Jennifer Coolidge, and Jake Lacy

Why you should watch: There is something off about The White Lotus, and I can’t seem to put my finger on it or look away. I just keep waiting for something to go really, really, really wrong. Though the insane musical score doesn’t help how tense I feel while watching it, there really isn’t a minute that goes by without a laugh. The show is for anyone who enjoys people watching, and for those who know that it’s impossible to judge a book by its cover. 

High Fidelity 

What is it: Based on the 2000 movie of the same name, this remake follows Rob on her quest to find out why her past relationships haven’t worked out... by confronting every one of her exes.  

Who's in it: Zoë Kravitz, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, David H. Holmes

Why you should watch: A one season wonder, this show is perfect for the TV watcher with commitment issues. It’s also great for any music nerds with a passion for graphic t-shirts and vintage clothes. If none of the above interests you, please listen to the show’s soundtrack and then circle back to me! Zoë’s character is imperfect most of the time, which actually makes High Fidelity a pleasure to watch. We learn from her mistakes, and it's honestly quite fun to watch her embarrass herself over and over again. 


What is it: A talk show/sketch comedy hybrid about pop culture, social justice, politics, inequality— a true mirror to the world as it is today.

Who's in it: Comedian Ziwe Fumudoh hosts, with guest stars you may know like Fran Leibowitz, Gloria Steinem, Phoebe Bridgers and Stacy Abrams.

Why you should watch: Ziwe’s point of view on modern issues is refreshing, uncomfortable and hilarious. This show is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to admit their attention span has been chopped from TikTok—  by combining interviews, musical numbers and animated sketches all into 25 minute episodes. Ziwe has no shame in calling out her guests to expose our modern way of thinking, and I’m here for it. 


What is it: A colorful Ryan Murphy drama about New York City’s ballroom culture in the 1980’s and 1990’s. 

Who's in it: Billy Porter, Indya Moore, Mj Rodriguez and more make up this perfectly cast ensemble of mostly LGBTQ and BIPOC actors. 

Why you should watch: Though Pose is about such a specific moment, it stands the test of time as we watch the characters struggle and evolve through it. Like he’s done in all of his work, Murphy is a master of contrasting the darkness with the light, sadness with happiness. It gives the audience a better understanding of queer ballroom culture by way of intricate characters, making the show an important tribute to the people who lived it. The cast is made up of mostly LGBTQ and BIPOC talent, which is a necessity (yet sometimes still a rarity) in TV.

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 

What is it: A reality show about a group of singles who have to keep their hands off each other to win a grand prize of $100K. Spicy!

Who's in it: 5 men and 5 women who did not sign up for this. 

Why you should watch: One of my favourite reasons to watch TV, I watch THTH so I don’t have to think deeply. Instead, I get to sit back and watch these people live their own personal hells by abstaining from getting freaky. Most of the participants couldn’t care less about the money, which gives the show a level of sincerity. Maybe it’s their good looks, or how ridiculous it is that this challenge is so difficult for these people, but the show is addictive!

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Cover photo 📸: HBO