Black Women's Health Imperative by Knix


1. Introducing Nourish

Knix and the Black Women’s Health Imperative have created NOURISH - a Postpartum Doula training program designed to meet the needs of Black birthing families. We have provided $75,000 to launch this scholarship program that will fund the year long training for 20 Postpartum Doulas and free postpartum care to 80 families. And with your help, $1 from every item purchased from our Maternity & Postpartum Collection will go toward expanding NOURISH to make this happen.

Black Women's Health Imperative

2. Supporting Doulas

Now more than ever, Black birthing families experience more social isolation while postpartum which makes the “Fourth Trimester” an extra vulnerable time. Studies have proven that support from a Doula can make this period an emotionally healthier experience, while significantly reducing maternal mortality.

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Black Women's Health Imperative

3. How You Can Help

Inequalities in birth care can start to dissolve by prioritizing the well-being of Black parents and providing them with accessible care. Through our Life After Birth Project, we’ve continually committed to fostering community and building support for people navigating their postpartum journeys. With $1 of every maternity item going towards NOURISH, shop below to help support and expand this new program. Let’s do this together.

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