Peak Confidence

Peak confidence 

Stunning Wireless Bras & Undies have this kind of effect on people. We don’t make the rules (we just break ‘em).

New! Leakproof Shapewear

New! Leakproof Shapewear

The 3-in-1 solution for when the holiday party syncs with your period. Like underwear, shapewear & a pad in one!

Bundle, save & gift

Bundle, save & gift

Buy a few pairs for them & treat yourself, too. Save up to 25% on all Underwear bundles.

Kt Let it Flow
Teen Undies

It’s not weird to gift period undies

Leakproof Undies, Swim and more! Put period confidence on the top of your teens wish list.

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At Knix, we believe that everyone should be able to live unapologetically free.

Free from judgment. Free from self-doubt. Free to be yourself.