Catalyst Sports Bra

Catalyst Sports Bra

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“The Sports Bra You’ve Been Waiting For.”

"Over 85 percent of participants rated The Catalyst as their top choice compared to competitors."

The Catalyst was tested for over 3 years with 3 different academic partners.

Total Support
Outperforming every high impact sports bra that’s come before.

When you’re really moving, you want your bra to feel secure and in control. The Catalyst maximizes the use of both compression and encapsulation to give you more support than the 800 other bras it was tested against.

Bounce Rate

76% Reduction





Redefining Comfort
Design that asks, “What do women want in a sports bra?”

Almost 90% of women struggle getting out of their sports bra. But we believed that a high-impact sports bra can be designed to be easier to take off. And the Catalyst is - more than 40% easier to remove than our closest competitor.

Muscle Exertion

Closest Competitor
40% Easier to Remove
Perfectly Fitting
Because athletes come in all sizes.

Finding a great-fitting sports bra isn’t easy. Especially if you’re looking for the best sports bra for large breasts. So we designed the Catalyst to change that. It fits more sizes than any of the popular sports bras, and is totally customizable to your shape.

Fits More Women

  • Catalyst
    32A - 42G
  • Competitor 1
    32A - 42DDD
  • Competitor 2
    32A - 42DD
  • Competitor 3
    32A - 38DD

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Catalyst Sports Bra
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