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Leakproof Underwear

Shop our collection of comfortable leakproof period underwear designed for medium and light days, light leaks, and sweat. Stay fresh and dry all day long with beautiful, machine-washable undies.

Super Leakproof Underwear

Designed to protect you through your heaviest days - and nights. Absorbs up to 6-10 tsp of liquid.

Everyday Underwear 

We’re making the world’s most comfortable underwear, so you can be the world’s most confident human. Seamless and smooth, and invisible under anything.

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Teen Period Underwear

Moisture-wicking, odor-crushing, life-changing leakproof undies.

Shorts & Boxer Briefs

Full coverage styles made to match your every need.

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Get all the period protection you need with Knix leakproof underwear kits. Find your perfect assortment of absorbent, comfortable, and machine-washable underwear, and enjoy worry-free protection no matter how heavy your flow.

From ultra-soft fabrics and seamless styles to super absorbent underwear, you’re covered 24/7/365.