Essential Thong

3 for $36

Essential Thong

3 for $36
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Athletic Underwear Essentials

Your new favorite pair combines technical fabrics, innovative design, and refreshing functionality.
Seamless Construction
Sits flat against your skin to eliminate panty lines and for superior comfort.
Quick Dry Gusset
Dries 2-3 times faster than regular cotton. And carbon cotton helps eliminate odor.
Super Soft Fabric
Moisture-wicking fabric that caresses your skin.
"Perfect to wear under leggings and tights. No panty lines whatsoever!!"

– Keitha M.

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I feel cool and dry after a whole day's worth of wear.
Feliz S.

What You're Wearing


Constructed using 4-way stretch fabrics, your Knix match your every move and mold to your unique shape. It's comfort unlike anything.


Knix products are tested by 1000s of women to ensure they're ready for real life. And everything that comes with it.


Moisture-wicking. Anti-odor. Quick dry. And anything else we can do to improve your intimates.

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Essential Thong
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