The Most Supportive Sports Bra. Ever.

Catalyst Sports Bra

Catalyst Sports Bra

“The Sports Bra You’ve Been Waiting For.”

"Over 85 percent of participants rated The Catalyst as their top choice compared to competitors."

Tested against over 800 bras – it was the best.

The Most Support
Reduces bounce rate by 76%
When you’re really moving, you want your breasts to feel secure and in control. The Catalyst maximizes the use of both compression and encapsulation for incredibly comfortable support.
“Finally found a bra that stops the pain when I run.”
- Joanna S.
The Perfect Fit
Because athletes come in all sizes
Finding a great-fitting sports bra is hard, especially if you have large breasts. The Catalyst fits more sizes than any of the popular sports bras - from A to G-cups.
“This bra was made for women like me with big boobs!”
- Annie D.
The Best Performance
Get the most from your workout
When you’re working up a sweat, you need a sports bra that keeps up with you. The Catalyst is preferred by 80% of women over the most popular sports bras on the market.
“A sports bra that actually does what it should, I love it!”
- Kat C.

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Catalyst Sports Bra
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