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Wearing a great pair of underwear is so much more than a cheeky secret you keep with yourself: it can actually improve your day and your overall sense of self. When your underwear is comfortable, breathable, and cute, you can’t help but feel more confident and free. That’s why we believe that when you invest in quality, you invest in your own self-care. Here are 3 reasons why higher-quality underwear are a worthy investment:

1. They last longer

There is nothing more frustrating than putting on your favorite pair of undies and discovering a big ol’ hole in the waistband. Or worse, having someone else find it! When you invest in quality underwear, you can save yourself the embarrassment of holey underwear, and if you’re buying Leakproof, you’ll save yourself from embarrassing stains too. Plus, spending more on quality upfront saves money over time because you won’t be running to the mall for new knickers all the time.

2. They’ll benefit your health

The right underwear can actually be good for you! Breathable underwear with moisture-wicking technology prevents yeast infections by moving moisture and bacteria away from your skin. And while you should always change your underwear after a workout or a long day in the heat, underwear that is quick to dry also helps prevent the spread of bacteria.

3. They just feel good

Good quality underwear is just more comfortable. High-quality, seamless underwear lies flush against the skin and doesn’t dig in, so you won’t feel like you have an extra layer of clothes on all day. And because they won’t show panty lines, you can wear any kind of bottoms with them. Plus, when you use Leakproof underwear on your period days, you’re saving your other underwear from any unfortunate stains. Say goodbye to “laundry day” underwear and say hello to easier mornings!


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