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Why We Love Our Longevity Bra (and why we think you'll love it too!)

July 04, 2017
Team Knix

Last week, we launched three new color combos in our Longevity Bra along with a sleek new strap back for added mobility (don’t worry, though — you can still find our unique star-strap back in the original color options).

To celebrate, we’re answering some of our most commonly asked questions about our 5-star Longevity. Learn how we’re wearing it for summer, which size is right for you, and the one activity our team won’t do without it.


How much support does the Longevity Bra provide?

The Longevity is a medium-impact sports bra. That makes it awesome for activities like hiking, strength training, and pilates (the quick-dry properties and cotton comfort make it an absolute staff must-have for hot yoga). If you’re larger than a C cup, it probably won’t provide the kind of bind you want for more intense activities like running. (You should keep an eye out for our traditional sports bra, coming soon!)


How does it fit?

We’ve designed the Longevity to ensure it doesn’t stretch out, so you might find it a bit snug at first. (Hot tip: size up if you’re looking for a looser fitting comfort bra, something more like a bralette or low-line crop.) The long-line torso also makes it easy to wear on its own with high-rise leggings - the perfect combo for warm-weather workouts.


What makes it special?

As with all our Knixwear, we’ve taken a function-first approach to the Longevity. We took what bugged us about our old sports bras - the sticky fabric that got sweaty fast and stayed damp, the stiff straps and shaping that rubbed and chafed, the clunky, unflattering shapes - and applied the best technology to fixing those issues. The Longevity is soft enough to sleep and lounge in while still being supportive, uses a long line crop and intricate strap detailing to make it flattering enough to wear all on its own, and is made with anti-odor, anti-microbial fabric that wicks away sweat, dries quickly, and repels odor.

Ready to give it a try? Remember, just like the rest of our Knixwear bras, the Longevity comes with our 30 day wash-and-wear guarantee, so you can wear, wash, and repeat for 30 days to make sure you’re totally in love - and if you’re not? We’ll take it back, no questions asked.

Snag yours today, or email our team with more questions.