Who's Got Your Back, Olympian Gillian Apps?

March 21, 2018
Team Knix

So, who’s got your back? We asked former national hockey player, three-time Olympic gold medalist, MBA-candidate, and woman pictured above, furthest left, Gillian Apps. 

On what she’ll do with the MBA she’s getting at Dartmouth:

Still trying to figure that out!

About those three (!) Olympic gold medals:

 I think I can probably speak for every athlete who’s ever been able to wear the maple leaf and represent our country when I say that it never gets old. It’s such an honour, especially at an Olympic Games, on the world stage, where the stakes are high. I played in 2006, 2010 and 2014. I get asked which was my favourite Games and it’s a really hard question because they’re so different and so amazing in their own way. I do feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to play in the Vancouver Games, which was obviously a home game. We really felt the passion and support of our country coast to coast.

On carrying on her family’s reputation (grandfather is a Hockey Hall of Famer, Dad was an NHL-er) for exceptional hockey playing:

I feel honoured to be able to add to the story. I was lucky enough to have a great career with the national team and represent Canada, and it was never far from my mind that not only was I representing Canada but I was representing my family and community. It was pretty amazing and something I am very proud of.

Who’s got her back? Anytime, anywhere.

Whether it’s through school or through sport I know that I have those family and friends in my corner who are there for me if I’m having a tough day or a great day. And hopefully if asked the same question, they’d say the same about me having their back.

Showing someone you have their back is as easy as _________.

Support is about consistency. That doesn’t necessarily mean giving someone a call or sending them a text at the same time every week, but it’s being there in and out, for the big moments and the little moments, for the good and the bad. We’re all busy and life is crazy but it’s about consistency.

So how does this all work on the ice? (Takeaway tip: read a second time, substituting the word “society” for “team.”)

As in any group, not everybody is best friends on a team, but everybody 100 percent has each other’s back. Part of that is just that we’re in it together—and that’s the beauty of it. Leading up to the Games, we spent a lot of time together and had our ups and down as a team. It’s those moments where we rely on each other that connect our unit. You know going onto the ice that if you’re not having your best day someone on the team will be there to pick you up.

On you, her, all of us.

I think women in society are starting to do a better job supporting one another. You see a lot of different platforms where people—women and men—can make movements in that area. We can not only help ourselves but help the younger generations use those platforms to make a difference. Gaining confidence as a young girl ensures that girls are able to support each other growing up and becoming women, because there’s some tough years in there. One of the coolest things I’ve seen throughout my career as an athlete is, for the young girls who get involved in sport, how much confidence it gives them and how much fun they’re having.

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