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Underwherever: The best bras and underwear for travel

April 13, 2018
Team Knix

Why these women love to pack their Knix

From honeymoons in France and solo treks through Asia to emergency, post-break-up,
Eat Pray Love odysseys, our customers love to travel. And they’re experts at packing light. We’ve heard things like Knix has the best bras for overnight flights, the best underwear for hiking, and the best socks for long walks. If you’re thinking of hitting the road soon, here’s a small sampling of our customers’ favorite Knix travel items and how they love to wear them best.

The Evolution Bra

8-in-1 Evolution BraOur 8-in-1 Evolution Bra is supportive enough for a hike through the Appalachians and comfortable enough to sleep in on a pan-Pacific overnight flight. Plus, it’s reversible (offering you two colors to choose from) and quick-drying (perfect for washing in the hotel at night), so you only have to pack one.

“Recently traveled out of the country on an overnight flight. Had this bra on for over 24 hours. It was so comfortable I forgot I had it on.” - Barbara 

“This bra gives me the freedom to be spontaneous throughout my travels. I can even wash it at night and it was dry and ready to go the next day. It didn’t matter whether I was wearing a cute evening dress or hiking attire, the bra kept me feeling comfortable and supported all day long—one bra to rule them all. Another bonus: more room in my suitcase to bring home gifts.” - Michele

Leakproof Underwear

Leakproof UnderwearIf you’re on your period or expecting it soon, or if you sometimes experience inconvenient little leaks, our Leakproof bottoms offer an extra sense of security (especially in those long lines at airport security). Enjoy the journey knowing you’ll be accident-free, whether you’re camping in the Rockies or stuck at the back of the line for Splash Mountain. And as far as hygiene products go, you’ll never wonder what to pack.

“Saves me from packing around pantyliners or worrying about not having a proper bathroom to change a liner when traveling.” - KW 

“I always pack my Knix underwear when I travel. Sometimes washroom breaks are a little farther spaced than comfortable, and being over 60, I have some urgency incontinence. I am always fresh and never have any accidents no matter how long the lineup for the loo.” - Linda

The Evolution Tank

Evolution TankOur customers love this 2-in-1 top that supports, flatters, quick-dries, and will even save you if you forgot your swimsuit. The Evolution Tank serves as a bra, a tank top, a camisole, a swim top … and a suitcase space-saver.

“Not only is this bra/camisole extremely comfortable and well made, I've discovered here in hot Sydney that it can be worn as-is, and even as the top part of a swimsuit!” - Susan

Sport Socks

Sport SocksSocks are one of the most underrated travel necessities. Knix socks hug your feet, dry quickly, and best of all, they won’t slide down during a full-day walking-tour.

“My travels through Asia are primarily in Japan where it’s easy to get caught in rain or humid weather. Knix socks are fabulous. Nice snug fit, wash and wear, and very stylish.” - Rebecca


Packing for an upcoming trip and worried about choosing the right bra? Explore the Knix collection.

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