This Bra Was Built for Nursing

August 23, 2019
Team Knix

First of all, congratulations! New babies bring a lot of joy and, as new mothers know so well, a lot of changes.

Making intimates that give us the comfort to do whatever we want in them is our raison d’être at Knix. So, we were thrilled when our mama customers asked us to make a nursing bra. Something we’ve heard since the beginning? I love my Knix bras, but it would be great if you made one for nursing too. 

And while our Original Evolution Bra has gotten rave reviews as a nursing bra, we wanted to one-up ourselves with a game-changing Leakproof Nursing Bra. Wear-tested by moms all across the postpartum spectrum, we made it right just for you. 

So what makes it the perfect nursing bra? At Knix, leak proof, absorbent underwear have always been our speciality (we’ve been in the game since 2013). Pair that technology with a bra, and BAM you have an extra absorbent nursing bra. Our pads are quick-drying, breathable and anti-microbial. If you already have Knix you love (like the Tank or the Every Bodysuit), you can grab an extra set of nursing pads to make them leakproof too.  

We know a lot about boobs here at Knix, so we know understand your breast size changes through all trimesters and beyond. With 4-way stretch fabric, our nursing bra adapts and recovers to accommodate changing breast shape. 

Our nursing bra is also really convenient. You’ve got your hands full, so you shouldn’t need to be Rubiks-cubing/ Sudoku-ing your bra strap undone just to feed your baby! For easier feeds, the premium clasps can be snapped open and closed with just one hand. It’s the perfect nursing bra, and we hope you think so too. 

Obviously, we don’t expect anyone to live out the rest of her days in our Nursing bra, but by all means go for it. Hey, stranger things have happened, like that one time you opened a bag of chips on a Friday night and didn’t finish them all. But that’s another story….