New moms say the Evolution Bra might be the best maternity bra

First, congratulations! New babies bring big joy and, as new mothers know so well, big changes.

Making intimates that give us the comfort to do whatever we want in them is our raison d’être. So, we were thrilled when our mama customers told us our Evolution Bra can support them through the unique and occasionally challenging part of their life known as nursing.

“Nursing is easy with these bras!” our customer Melissa tells us, even though our Evolution Bra wasn’t built specifically for the task.

“The straps unhook really easily, and it can be used as one in a pinch,” another of our customers, Meg, explains. The straps also unfasten at the front and the back, so it’s simple to slip down when baby wants to feed (or when you need baby to simmer down!). “It would have been great to have this for work when I needed to pump several times a day,” Meg adds.

Another reason nursing moms tell us they love the Evolution Bra? It has no underwires, which can inhibit milk production and flow, and make sensitive breasts even more tender. Plus, nobody likes sleeping in a bra with underwire, breastfeeding or not. And because the Evolution Bra has molded cups for support without wires, you won’t forfeit lift and shape.

Our customer Elizabeth wore her Evolution Bra through all three of her pregnancies. “They are so comfortable and grow with my unpredictable growth spurts,” she says, which we attribute to the unique capabilities of our stretch fabric.

The fabric is also moisture-wicking and anti-odor, which means it can keep up with busy new moms. Leaks? No problem. At the end of the day the Evolution Bra is fully machine washable, and the fabric is quick-drying. Our customer Anor said, “I am a size 36DD nursing mama. I’m in love with my bra. I can’t believe I don’t want to tear it off when I get home. I am never taking it off!”

Obviously, we don’t expect anyone to live out the rest of her days in our Evolution Bra, but by all means go for it. Hey, stranger things have happened, like that one time you opened a bag of chips on a Friday night and didn’t finish them all. But that’s another story….