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The Knix Online Warehouse Sale: Fall 2020

November 07, 2020
Team Knix
Looking for info about the April 2021 Online Warehouse Sale? Click here for all the details.

This past spring, our first ever Online Warehouse Sale sold out faster than we could say “Hey, have you tried our Leakproof period underwear yet?”

So we decided to close out 2020 the only way we know how— by doing it all over again. It’s time to skip the lines and cold weather and grab all your Knix favorites at our Fall Online Warehouse Sale.

Where can I shop the Warehouse Sale? 

Mark your calendars, set an alarm, bookmark the page and tell all of your friends. We’ll be (virtually) seeing you Tuesday, November 10 at 12 pm EST. 

Visit if you’re shopping from Canada 
Visit if you're shopping from the USA

What's on sale?

Here’s the thing everyone: this is bigger than Black Friday. We’re not fooling around here! When we say sale we mean SALE. Leakproof Undies? They’ll be there. Wireless bras? They’re waiting for you. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the biggest deals of 2020 (yes, it's even bigger than last time):

Essential Underwear for as little as $10 USD a pair 

Leakproof Undies from $15 USD a pair 

Wireless Bras (Padded Evolution and Longevity!) from only $35 USD

Tops from just $39 USD

But we're not just stopping there. We'll also have Knix Swim, Bodysuits and KT bras available at our deepest discounts this year. On top of that, our reusable Face Masks with triple layer protection will be on sale too. We told you it was big. 

Insider tips: 

  • Discount codes, store credit, and Top drawer rewards points may not be used for the sale. But don’t worry, we made sure you’re still getting the best deal ever.  
  • All items are final sale, and there are no returns or exchanges. 

See you soon!