Aug 01, 2018

The Best Underwear For Camping (Or Glamping)

Hey, happy campers: Why you should add Knix to your camping gear essentials

By: Team Knix

We already know that Knix is a great travel companion. But now that summer’s in full swing, we’re hearing from plenty of Knix customers about how handy our stuff is for camping and hiking trips. Whether you’re searching for the perfect site or leading the squad on an adventure through the woods, trust that we’ve got your back when you’re camping (even if you’d honestly rather be glamping).

Here are some of our top products to take on your upcoming camping trip, and why you’ll want them:

Building a 🔥

From that long drive out to the wilderness, to setting up your tent (without killing your partner), to building your first campfire of the summer, the Evolution Tank makes everything just a little more comfortable. Navigate your campsite without any underwire digging it or bra straps sliding down, with moisture wicking fabric that will keep you sweat-free throughout the day.

Swimming 🏖️

Both our Evolution Bra and our Everyday Underwear are known for being secret swimsuits! Your Evo Bra and any of our undies can be used in a pinch if you forgot your bathers or, you know, just happen to be out hiking and just happen to stumble upon an amazing waterfall and just happen to jump in. Because of their quick-dry material, they’ll be dry by the time you make it back to camp.

Hikes and bike rides ⛰️

Our oh-so-comfortable Longevity Bra is a customer favorite for hiking, bike riding, and lounging around—making it perfect for a day at the campground or exploring the wilderness. Moisture-wicking fabric will keep you sweat-free all day, and the long line crop can be worn as a top of its own, which means you can worry less about what to pack and worry more about finding your way back to your campsite.

Long hikes, long drives, or just in case 🚗

We all know how awkward and annoying it can be to deal with your period while camping or on the road, which is why our Leakproof underwear is an outdoor adventure essential. Wear them as back-up for long drives on heavy days or on their own for just-in-case days. Plus, since they’re plastic-free, they help you in leaving no trace, so you can leave your campsite just as pristine as you found it. Scout’s honor.

Tenting it

All of our bras (and the Evolution Tank) are comfortable enough to sleep in, but we also make super comfy PJs. Our Romper has long sleeves, so it will keep you warm on chilly sleeping bag nights and our Sleep Set makes those dreaded late night dashes to the outhouse that much more comfortable.

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