The Best Bra for Small Boobs

July 21, 2020
Team Knix

Infinity means endlessness. It’s an unlimited amount of possibilities. It’s the universe. And now… it’s also a bra. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. 

Introducing the Infinity Bra. A brand new Knix bra with brand new sizes, it’s officially THE best bra for small boobs. 

Do you have trouble finding a bra that doesn’t leave you with gaps in the cups? Are the bands of your bras typically a little loose on you?  Are you constantly pulling up bra straps that leave you hanging? We see you. And your bra game is about to get infinitely better. 

The Infinity Bra 

Available in select cup sizes with bands 28” - 38”, the Infinity Bra was designed with smaller breasts and band sizes in mind. Completely wireless and totally seamless, the foam molded cups help keep things smooth and supported under your wardrobe, all while giving you a little extra shape. Check out all the sizes it's available in. If you need help with sizing, be sure to give a Virtual Fitting a try! 

We asked Julia, the #1 Infinity Bra fan on Team Knix (and self-proclaimed president of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee), why the Infinity is her new go-to: 

There’s just enough shaping that helps keep my boobs realistic to their natural shape and size, but not so much bra that I feel like I’m swimming in fabric and padding. The thin straps and low neckline make it perfect for 99% of my wardrobe, and the no underwire and light fabric makes it a dream in warm weather.”

Well, the committee has spoken. Like Julia, we’re beyond excited, but the best news is that these new sizes are just scratching the surface. Starting in January 2021, we’ll have sizing from 28A-44G and XS to 4XL, and then shortly after we’re extending to H Cups too. We’ve been actively working on broadening our size range throughout all the products we carry, and we absolutely cannot wait to get you into your perfect Knix fit.