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The Age of Confidence: Introducing Knix Global Brand Ambassador Ashley Graham

August 06, 2021
Team Knix

In her book A New Model, Ashley Graham makes a bold proclamation: “Too fat, too thin, too loud, too quiet, I was never going to fit the standards others created for me. Instead of complying, I protested.”

It’s something that Knix lives for every day too: the freedom to live without judgement and self-doubt, a rallying cry against relentless and unachievable social standards. Which is why we feel so proud to partner with and announce our first Global Brand Ambassador, the one and only Ashley Graham a speaker, model, mom and icon whose mantra of Beauty at Every Size is one that radiates across everything she does. “I believe all bodies are beautiful in all stages of life”, Ashley told us. We can’t help but agree. 

To welcome her into the Knix community, we’re so excited to present Knix Active alongside Ashley Graham. An activewear collection built around the love of movement and the expressions that make us feel the most free, it’s a celebration of our selves. It’s a celebration of how we see the world, how we communicate, how we express ourselves. It’s a celebration of moving our bodies for us, and no one else. 

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From working out in the Catalyst, to challenging unrealistic body standards throughout her career, to chasing around her son— Ashley does this all by embracing what makes her body feel good. Whether it’s a HIIT workout or a midday stretch, feeling powerful and strong starts with feeling confident. It starts with feeling good. With sports bras designed to reduce breast movement that size up to an H cup, and innovative Leakproof leggings and shorts designed to make you feel comfortable and supported— our new Active Collection is an authentic joy to move in. And this is only the start. 

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With a lot more in store in the next coming months, we welcome Ashley into the growing Knix community. Follow us on @knix to keep up with Ashley Graham, and click here to shop our new Active Collection