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#InMyKnix: Keely

March 26, 2018
Team Knix

We receive thousands of reviews from women using our products. Sometimes, these stories are from women who have undergone breast reconstruction, mastectomy, chest surgery, breast cancer  … women whose bodies have been through a lot.

It’s hard to imagine the daily intricacies that go along with the recovery process after undergoing surgery of the breast or chest. Especially when wires, straps, and pads can cause endless complications and discomforts. And while there are post-surgery bras available, there are so many different options, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for you. From the many stories we’ve received from women seeking the perfect post-op bra after mastectomies, chest surgeries, and other hospital visits, it’s great to hear how helpful the Evolution Bra has been to their recovery.

Every now and then, we hear a story from a woman that stops us in our tracks.

One of those women is Keely.

Keely is a single mother of two. On top of her ongoing health complications, her two sons also live with a severe neuromuscular disorder. For Keely and her family, life is often about finding the balance between ‘surviving’ and ‘living.’

“Not many people are blessed with the perspective we’ve earned over the years of challenges.”


Keely works hard to provide a fun and adventurous life for her children. “I’m fiercely proud of the adventures and fun we’ve been able to provide.” She treats their trips to see specialists out of town as little vacations and has been able to travel with her children or go “camping” in the backyard when energy allows.

Keely has dozens of scars on her chest and abdomen from years of surgeries, central lines, and ports. Wired bras create discomfort by irritating an implanted port that delivers important medication directly to her heart. “It is through this port that I get most of my nutrition, medications, and fluids every day. It keeps me alive.” Irritating bras have gone so far as to damage her port, landing Keely in the hospital for weeks to have it repaired.

“My kids like to say I look like I got in a fight with a bear!”

Enter Knixwear.

The Evolution Bra doesn’t bother her port, it covers several of the bigger scars on her chest, and it provides enough support to make her feel feminine and beautiful on even the hardest days. It gives her the confidence and attitude that allow her to give her children her absolute best. When energy and strength is limited, every little bit is precious.

“Being able to see what’s worth my energy and what is not has allowed me to live with little regret when it comes to being a mom.”

“Because it limits movement and port-a-cath complications, your bra literally reduced my hospital admissions, emergency surgeries, and the dangerous complications surgery poses for me. The clinical and emotional benefits are obvious. While in hospital for lengthy admissions, being able to easily hand-wash the fabrics in the hospital, and knowing they are perfect for limiting odour, moisture, and sweat are priceless. They’re also great at making me feel beautiful and supported. After weeks in hospital with scrubs, scars, countless monitors and lines, and constant discomfort—not to mention missing my children desperately—simply feeling beautiful can be the difference between wanting to fight and wanting to quit.”

Since discovering the Evolution Bra, Keely has been able to provide fun and adventure to her children, all while feeling clean and comfortable. Even in sweats and t-shirts, the Evolution Bra allows her to feel confident and beautiful, whether it’s visible to others or not.

“The Evolution Bra is the only one I’ve found that works.”