Apr 06, 2018

So much more than an underwear store

If you ask us, our Toronto pop-up was pretty much the best.

By: Team Knix

If you ask us, our Toronto pop-up was pretty much the best.

Five months ago, on a chilly November night, 20 models strutted down the sidewalk for an outdoor fashion show in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Toronto Pop UpIt was the launch of our first ever pop-up shop. Those models? Knix customers. And if the amazing energy of everyone involved was any indication, we were going to have an even greater time inside the space.

We converted an old, grungy nightclub into a space filled with possibility. We had two floors to work with (including a bar), so there was no question we’d use the space for so much more than a temporary store. For one, sharing the location with our friends at BOLO House (who converted the lower level into a gym), meant we could host fitness, yoga, and pilates classes.

“Hosting events in our space has been the highlight [of the pop-up] for me ... seeing the community come together to share experiences, vulnerabilities, and connect with one another." 
- Lindsay, Director - Partnerships

But we didn’t stop with fitness.

Toronto Pop-UpThe space hosted panels and workshops on entrepreneurship, film and television, mindfulness, healthy eating, and even a stand-up comedy show. These events not only offered us a new way to connect with our customers and our network, but they provided a safe place for women to ask questions they may have felt uncomfortable about asking elsewhere. Guests could check out the store before or after the events, and enjoy a glass of wine while they browsed.

"I am amazed at how the space itself was transformed into an environment so conducive to connecting with like-minded individuals."
- Cassidy, mindfulness teacher

“I always felt welcome in the space, and the girls did a great job promoting body positivity. They truly embody the message that Every Woman is an Angel!”
- Danielle, happy customer

Most importantly, setting up shop right in the heart of downtown Toronto allowed us a rare chance to interact with our customers in-person. Our pop-up manager, Carly, had the special experience of working at the shop every day. “So many women have been looking for a comfortable bra for years. It has been amazing to connect with our customers and help them finally find a bra that fits!"

“The pop-up was such a great opportunity to try everything on and talk to people who truly know the product inside and out. I ended up making a few more trips and buying stuff for myself, friends, and family every time.”
- Elena, happy customer

On March 13th, the shop closed with a bang, with hundreds of friends and fans coming by to say bye. The good news: we’re just getting started. We want to meet more amazing women all across North America. So we’re taking our pop-up on the road.

Stay tuned for us to announce our upcoming pop-up locations. We can't wait to share our pop-up experience with more women across the world.

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