Wonderful Woman of the Week: Leslie

TEAM KNIX / AUG 09, 2017

Leslie Wylie is a modern day Wonder Woman and lifelong equestrian about to set out on a 620-mile horse race in Mongolia called the Mongol Derby (SIX HUNDRED AND TWENTY MILES!). When she’s not riding horses, she’s writing about them for the websites Horse Nation, Eventing Nation and Jumper Nation.

Read on to learn about taming wild horses, how she’s learned to embrace vulnerability, and the power of positive thinking.  

The Mongol Derby takes you over 620 miles of harrowing landscape. That’s so many miles! Can you tell us more about this (totally insane) challenge?

It’s pretty intense! Over the course of the race we'll ride 25 semi-wild native horses, carrying only 11 pounds of gear and relying on nomads for food, water and shelter. Inspired by the Genghis Khan's original "pony express," there's no trail or set route, just 25 GPS checkpoints/horse exchange stations to hit over the course of 7-10 days. The goal is to raise funds to help stop rainforest deforestation.

Wow. Considering all that, what are three words you’d use to describe your current mood?

Up for whatever!

Can you tell us more about your favorite Knixwear product?

The 8-in-1 Evolution Bra! It's the first sports bra that has ever given me two boobs (count 'em -- 2!) not just one squished together pancake uniboob.

How do you wear it?

I'm a busy gal and many days all the little pieces of my life -- writing, riding my horse, working out, meeting up with friends, (occasionally!) relaxing at home -- kind of run together. There is no time for costume changes, but the Evolution Bra can go from the barn to the gym to the pub with ease. It's "up for whatever," just like me!

How are you knixing boundaries in your life?

Whenever I see a boundary it just makes me want to get to the other side of it! Maybe that's why I love jumping horses so much -- nothing beats the feeling of pointing your horse at a big obstacle, especially one that intimidates you a little, and clearing it. But to do so successfully, you must have respect for the boundary as well.

How do you knix your insecurities?

When you're jumping you HAVE to believe in yourself to get to the other side. Because the moment you start doubting yourself, your horse will sense it and slam on the brakes. There is definitely some carry-over for out-of-the-saddle life there. Self-confidence is the foundation for everything. Believe in yourself, and behold the ripple effect.

What do you do to knix taboos?

There is strength in vulnerability. As someone who regularly works with strong, powerful 1,000+ pound animals, I can assure you that they have the upper hand over a 5'2" gal. But when you open yourself up, whether to a horse or a human, you might be surprised at their willingness to meet you in the middle. What deems something "off limits" to do or talk about? What are we protecting ourselves from? I try to exercise a balance of openness and bravery in my approach to horses and life.

Follow along with Leslie's epic Mongolian adventure at Horse Nation!
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