Jul 26, 2017

Wonderful Woman of the Week: Kat

Dancer, storyteller, spin instructor, and general all-around badass.
By: Team Knix

Dancer, storyteller, spin instructor, and general all-around badass Kat Stefankiewicz never stops moving. Her relentless positivity and passion for life has fueled her to a role as the in-game host of the Toronto Raptors. Her non-stop lifestyle means she needs intimates that hold up to long days and intense workouts - which is why she loves her Knix :) Read on to learn which bra she can't live without, where she finds her fuel, and how she's demanding her space in a man's world. 

What do you do with your days?

Everyday is a different beast, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm a creative nerd at heart, a performer by trade, and a storyteller by what the world has called me to do. I'm a host and personality in television and live events, a spin instructor, and dabble daily in the digital media field. I tell stories and I crave doing so. I am an avid supporter of a healthy lifestyle for both the body and mind. Balance is my favourite word and my days (and kitchen nights!) are molded around this. I love firsts. You should see the length of my bucket list! I try to attack it daily. I'm fueled by coffee, sarcasm and happy people so those are always in my 24/7.

What are three words you’d use to describe your current mood?

Driven, Satisfied, Restless. I know that combination doesn't necessarily make sense, but I am driven daily by the feeling I get while doing what I do for a living. I am satisfied through the gratification for what has come into my life so far, whether positive or not-so-hot because anything lost is just making room for better things. I am restless at the thought of the endless possibilities ahead and that bucketlist of mine!

What’s your favorite Knixwear?

The Longevity bra, like woah! I wear it everywhere...while teaching spin, playing softball, doing groceries and paired with my favourite sweats at the home office. I wear it under a sweatshirt, as a sports bra for my workouts, to bed, or even as a cute little crop with a pair of leggings in the summer to do errands. I have like 5. Don't judge. :)

Why do you love it?  

Honesty hour: how many of you step into your house at the end of the day and the first thing you do is remove your bra? That's always my first step and I knew I found a favourite when I realized I don't even think about taking it off! And the versatility in the go-go-go type of lifestyle that I choose to live is key.

How do you "knix" boundaries in your daily life?

When I decided that I wanted to be a performer for a living I think that I subconsciously starting knixing boundaries right there when it came to the unfortunate stereotype of an industry with a low success rate. And then I proceeded to fight for a place as a woman in the male dominated field of sports. I was born with competitive blood and grew up with the mindset (thanks to my parents) to follow your heart because it always leads to happiness. Apparently my heart wears boxing gloves.

How do you "knix" your insecurities?

When it comes to knixing the boundaries of the mind (which are sometimes the hardest kind to fight) I have found therapeutic escapes to keep me honest and grounded. Some of these include running, yoga, spending time outdoors, music and writing. They take me out of reality for a moment or two. I believe stepping away from the grind is healthy in building clarity and creativity. I also believe that a good support system is legit the s#!t! These people remind you that you're a badass and boost your confidence in those moments of insecurity.

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