Meet the Models: Alex

May 31, 2017
Team Knix

Alex walked into our photoshoot like a woman on a mission. She was one of the first to get in front of the camera, and her smile was totally infectious. You’d never have guessed she was nervous.

So it was a total surprise to learn she didn’t always feel this way. “If this photo shoot had been two years ago,” she said, “I would never have done it. But now I’m able to embrace my curves -- I’m comfortable with what I look like.”

Read on to find out how she found her confidence.

What makes you feel beautiful?

What really helped me was watching my mom on her body journey. She struggled with her image when I was younger and I could see she didn’t feel comfortable with herself. It made me very critical of myself as well.

Then my mom got super into fitness. I did, too. Now it’s a whole family thing. She’s now happy with how she looks, and she’s learning to embrace her muscles. We’re able to look at our bodies and really see what health looks like.

How do you cultivate strength?

I have a core community of people I exercise with. It’s a sense of solidarity. And working out totally changes how I feel for the rest of the day. It gives me power.

When do feel most like a badass?

I work out with a lot of men, and at the beginning it was frustrating to see them lifting more than I could. I had to learn what my body could do. And then you realize that you’re only really working out for yourself. That’s what made me a better athlete, and it makes me feel incredibly strong.