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#LoveYourShape with Keosha Love

January 28, 2021
Team Knix

Keosha Love is everything her name is. A multi-disciplinary artist, activist and educator, her work sits at the intersection of love, wellness and health in BIPOC communities. Passionate about social justice and social change, she uses her ability as a writer and poet to tell vulnerable stories and bring communities together in the name of healing. 

So it wasn’t a surprise to us when Keosha’s answer to the simple question “How would you describe yourself?” stopped us in our tracks. With no hesitation she proclaimed:

I am the sun and the moon at the same time

The founder of Toronto non-profit Our Women’s Voices, Keosha constantly uses her beautiful words to amplify herself and others— therefore making her shape in the world bigger, bolder and brighter at every turn. A changemaker who we couldn’t be prouder to know, we can’t wait for you to meet Keosha.  

What drew you to poetry? 

I actually started off writing songs when I was really young. Once I realized I didn't have the voice to sing my own songs, those songs became diary entries first vents and then poetry. I was a bookworm growing up, and I loved reading poems from Maya Angelou. Poetry became my way of expressing myself and a safe space for me to navigate the things I was experiencing as a young Black woman.

How does writing help you connect to yourself? 

My writing always challenges me to do extra soul-searching. Writing has a way of revealing certain truths about yourself and the things around you, so it becomes a powerful tool to self-actualize. I feel the most connected to myself when I'm writing because that's when I'm the most vulnerable. 

Tell us about something you did that you never thought you could do. 

Travelling alone. Going to Mexico alone was definitely one of my proudest moments. I was going through a really difficult breakup at the time and I was tired of running away from some of those internal conflicts I was having. I also just needed a damn break! 

What I discovered on the trip was that being alone is not loneliness. You don’t have to seek love when it’s already inside of you. And it’s not a selfish act to do things for yourself. 

keosha love

What has your body enabled you to do?

My body has enabled me to move, to dance, to feel free. And to give. Both to myself and to others.  

What shaped you into who you are today? 

My family and love. Love is constantly gravitating towards me and surrounding me, and that shapes and shifts all the things that I do. Just embodying love! And my family has strengthened me in ways I didn’t know I could stretch. 

What are you the most proud of? 

I am most proud of my breath. And the way I’m still existing. 

How do you #LoveYourShape? Watch and share the video below, and leave us a comment over on @Knixwear telling us what shapes you.