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#LoveYourShape with Kenzie Brenna

January 26, 2021
Team Knix

When we asked Kenzie Brenna to describe herself in 3 words, the task was (understandably) near impossible— the ultimate “hyphenated millennial” she called herself. “Super sensitive, caring, inquisitive and passionate” she started with. “I have a big desire to learn. I’m curious. I’m a nature loving city dweller”. And it didn’t stop there. She’s also a tea drinker, an animal lover, a book fanatic and a proud plant mom.   

kenzie brenna

And to a huge audience online, she’s also an authentically unapologetic creator who shares very honest (and often times very radical) glimpses into her life. From discussions around gaining quarantine weight to having rough mental health days to just celebrating that she's alive— her posts are met with responses from thousands of people who see themselves in her, often echoing the same sentiment: “Me too”.

Loving Your Shape isn’t just about loving your body. It’s about loving all the experiences that shape you too. And by seeing even just one of Kenzie’s posts, it’s easy to tell she fully embodies this. Meet Kenzie

kenzie brenna
What does loving your shape and honoring your body look like to you lately?

I think honoring your body first and foremost looks like listening. Listening to what your body is trying to communicate! So often we don't even realize what our bodies want or need, we only live from the neck up. Slowing down, learning what language my body is speaking and then listening to it— that to me is the basis of honoring.

Then, respecting what my body needs or wants and not having my brain push it or pull it into something it doesn't.

Keeping true to my body's voice.

What's something you've learned from sharing really personal experiences with your body online?

I've learned that no matter what you look like, someone has hated their body and been body shamed at some point. It's completely ubiquitous. I've learned that there are insecure skinny people and confident fat people. That you cannot judge or know what someone is going through based on what their body looks like.

Tell us about a time you did something you never thought you could do.

There was a time in my life where I never thought that I could model in underwear or a bikini in front of a group of people. That honestly made me, and still to this day in some ways, feel really insecure.

We don’t ever think that the people watching us are ever watching the good parts of us, we’re always assuming they’re focusing on our flaws or “imperfections”. And that’s incredibly vulnerable. I haven’t always been fantastic at being vulnerable, so those moments felt very impossible. Until you do them. And then you’re like, no big deal. You survived. 

kenzie brenna

How did that change for you? How did you get comfortable with it?

I wanted it more than I was insecure. I wanted to be able to do creative shoots. I wanted to be able to walk on a runway to incredible music in incredible clothes. I wanted it more than I was scared that people were noticing my imperfections. And so the “want” outgrew my insecurities of it.

What was the experience like posing nude for #LoveYourShape? 

It was amazing! Everyone was so supportive and caring and passionate about the message. Especially because some shots were nude, it can make you so vulnerable. But everyone was loving and so validating. Everyone was passionate about doing their job and capturing the message.

When do you feel the most comfortable in your skin? 

When there is a good song on and I'm dancing. I'm lost in the moment. My body is no longer my body, I'm just one with the whole universe.

How do you #LoveYourShape? Watch and share the video below, and leave us a comment over on @Knixwear telling us what shapes you. Stay tuned for January, 28th 2021.