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#LoveYourShape with Christa Couture

January 28, 2021
Team Knix

Loving your shape isn’t just about loving your body. It’s about loving the experiences that shape you too. For writer and musician Christa Couture, these moments are both extremely personal and incredibly public— with her memoir How to Lose Everything chronicling her intimate journey with resiliency after loss. 

A storyteller who uses what shapes her as an invitation to connect with others, Christa told us she proudly uses her voice to challenge misconceptions of disability and indigeneity. And by doing so, she also uses her voice to celebrate and uplift the communities she belongs to.  

Whether it’s on stage, in the pages of her book, or in our #LoveYourShape campaign, we can’t wait for you to reach out and join the beautiful community that she’s created. Meet Christa. 

christa couture

How would you describe yourself? 

I am a writer, musician and broadcaster based in Toronto. I’m also Cree, queer, disabled, and a mom! 

Tell us about your book How to Lose Everything. What inspired you to write a memoir? 

I happen to have experienced a number of remarkable losses: having bone cancer as a kid, the amputation of my leg as a cure for that cancer, the death of my first son, the death of my second son, and more cancer. In How to Lose Everything, each chapter focuses on a different loss (including divorce and moving across the country to start over after it all) and on a different aspect of grief and resilience.

As a singer-songwriter, I’ve been sharing these stories through music for years, yet that work felt incomplete. Writing the memoir meant putting the whole story down in one place, a task I was ready for. While it was deeply meaningful to write it, books are for others to read. I was inspired to publish the book, ultimately, as an invitation to others to see what these kinds of losses are like, and for those who are grieving to know they are not alone. 

What are you grateful for? 

I am grateful for grief because grief is proof of love, and I have been shaped deeply by loss. But also, I am careful with the word grateful— I never would have chosen to have cancer and lose my leg, yet I’m grateful for the person that disability has made me. If either of my sons had lived, I wouldn’t have moved to Toronto, but I love my life in Toronto, my daughter, my career, and I’m so grateful to be where I’m at.  

christa couture

How do you use your voice?

I use my voice in very literal ways— I’m a singer-songwriter, a speaker and a broadcaster, so just give me a microphone and I’m happy! It’s more than just singing and talking; it’s my self-expression. And I use my voice— my thoughts, my being, whatever platform I can attain, to challenge misconceptions of disability and indigeneity, and to celebrate and uplift the communities I belong to. 

What was your experience like posing for the #LoveYourShape campaign?

I was nervous at first, to be honest. I was looking forward to trying something new, but I also wasn’t sure if I’d be able to truly relax into it! But the nervousness faded quickly, and the experience was actually totally liberating. I was there to be me, just me, exactly me, in this body, and when I stepped out of the robe, I gave zero f**ks, in the best way possible. No apologies, no hiding. The crew and entire team created that environment, and of course I knew what I was getting into, but I’d never been photographed naked before. I would do it again. I would recommend it!

christa couture

When do you feel the most comfortable in your skin? 

I am most at home in my skin when I'm performing on stage— it feels like the stars align in my spine and everything is electric. I’m also most comfortable when I’m breastfeeding my daughter; the whole world exists between the two of us in those moments, skin to skin and in love.

How do you #LoveYourShape? Watch and share the video below, and leave us a comment over on @Knixwear telling us what shapes you.