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November 23, 2020
Team Knix

This year, some of our holiday traditions will have to be tucked away until 2021: the big family dinners, the annual trip to visit mall Santa (sorry, ahem, real Santa), the always fun but kind of competitive cookie exchange. But despite all this, some traditions remain far more important than ever— like finding ways to show love and appreciation for all of your favorite people. And in that department, Knix has you cozy and covered. Read on to learn what we suggest for everyone on your list this holiday season!

For the friend who still dresses up for Zoom calls 

While most of us have pushed our work wear to the back of our closets, everyone knows someone who still likes to turn a look in virtual meetings. But who says fashion can’t be comfy? Introducing our WFH Essentials Kit that includes our LuxeLift Tank and Lounge Pant. Pair with a cute jacket, cardigan or blazer for an outfit that says “Add me on LinkedIn” on the top, and “Pajama Party” on the bottom. 

WFH Essential Kit

For the friend who takes Netflix and Chill seriously

And the Oscar for most comfortable outfit to have a movie marathon in goes to…. Knix’s Cozzzy Set! *Cue standing ovation* Available in Grey or Cream, this bundle has everything you need to cuddle on the couch for 8 hours straight surrounded by an entire 7-eleven worth of snacks. Starring our Cozzzy Lounge Cardigan, Crew Top and Track Pant, it’s the perfect package for movie marathoners and TV bingers alike. Popcorn not included. 


For the friend whose about to pop

Making sourdough, learning to knit, working on puzzles— we all found ways to keep ourselves busy while staying home this year. And some of us literally... got busy. For the friend who’ll be welcoming a little one into their bubble soon, our Maternity Essentials Kit is the way to go. Featuring our Nursing Tank and a 3 pack of SuperStretch undies, it’s the perfect set to prep them for their next big adventure. 

Maternity Kit

For the friend who is literally always cold 

Despite the unpredictable nature of the last year, it’s nice to know there are some certainties in this life: the sun will always rise, the world will always turn, and everyone always has one friend in their friend group who is always cold. Warm them up with our Cozzzy Scarf, Beanie, and incredibly soft Blanket. Knowing them, they’ll still be cozying up with them in the summer too.  

Knix Accessories

For the friend who always asks to borrow a tampon

You might not think getting underwear for Christmas is a fancy gift, but that’s only because Santa has never delivered high tech, super absorbent Leakproof Period Underwear. The elves may not know how to make them, but we sure do. Sync up and have your entire crew ditch tampons and pads in 2021 with our Dream Short and assortment of Super Leakproof Underwear

For the friend who just discovered running is their stress release 

Between running around the neighborhood, doing HIIT in the basement, or watching Yoga with Adrienne religiously, cheer your pal on with a Catalyst Sports Bra. Also available in a Front Zip Closure, nothing says GO TEAM GO like making sure your friend’s boobs are secure in a high impact sports bra. 


For the teenager whose into… actually who even knows?

It’s hard to keep track of what Gen Z is up to nowadays, with Tiktok trends coming and going faster than you can say, what the heck is a TikTok? Luckily, our little sister brand KT by Knix has you covered. Featuring some Period Proof favs and and a whole bunch of cute accessories, the Holiday Period Kit is sure to win you some cool points. 


For the friend who has everything

Have you scrolled through every gift guide on the internet, but you’re still not sure what would make the perfect gift? We’d suggest a Knix Digital Giftcard. Big things come in small packages after all. 

Looking for more options? In the mood to pick up something for yourself too?
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