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A Look Back at Knix's 2020 Vision

December 23, 2020
Team Knix
In 2020, nothing was a given. As Team Knix moved out of our Toronto HQ in March and into our bedrooms, makeshift home offices and kitchens, an uncertainty loomed over the entire year. And while it hasn’t always been easy, there is so, so, so much to be grateful for in 2020.
Thanks to the amazing support of our community, we are incredibly proud of everything we’ve accomplished together. Between being named Brand of the Year and getting our first Vogue mention, keep reading to learn about all our favorite moments, and how you played a very important role in a very memorable year. To 2021 and beyond. 

A Year of Change

Travelled to Tulum… kind of

Earlier this Spring, we had our bags packed for a photoshoot in Tulum, Mexico for our new Swim Collection. But with travel quickly becoming out of the question, we turned to you for some help. We sent our Swim Collection to 25 members of our Knix community so you could model for us as you stayed home safely! Although it wasn’t our original plan, everything turned out swimmingly

Introduced Virtual Fittings

With the help of our expert store staff, we launched our virtual fit program so you could get the perfect bra fit without ever leaving your home. To date, our brilliant VF Team has met and fitted 7012 of you online. Congrats to everyone for finding out their bra size! No small feat for 2020. 

A new kind of Warehouse Sale

Goodbye line ups! Goodbye waiting in the cold! Hello to hosting our first annual warehouse sale online! 

Standing with BLM

While working internally by taking company wide Diversity and Equity Inclusion courses, we also donated $100,000 in support of Black Lives Matter. 


A Year of Innovation

The Age Doesn’t Matter Campaign 

We kicked off 2020 by creating the first lingerie ad featuring all women over 50. Celebrating a whole cast of incredible people from our community, the entire campaign was about owning your power at any age. Almost a year later, we are still so incredibly inspired by everyone we met. 

Eliminated pads and tampons from your period routine

2020 saw the introduction of one of our fav products to the Knix family. Our Super Leakproof Underwear are the most absorbent pair of period/incontinence/sweat (you name it) undies EVER MADE. Absorbing up to 8 tampons, this sustainable period option said “see ya later” to the period aisle in 2020. 

Redefined our Core Collection

We introduced 5 new and beautiful neutral shades to our Core Collection this Spring and have been celebrating ever since.

Core Collection

Some people wait a lifetime for a Papaya Box like this 

A collab 4 years in the making, Knix teamed up with our good friend Sarah Nicole Landry of @thebirdspapaya for our first ever box that featured our first ever leggings. The Papaya Box sold out in a record 27 minutes, making it an iconic Knix drop we’ll always remember. 


A Year of 1 Million Moments

PPE to the rescue

With the help of your donations and some amazing partnerships, Knix was able to source and deliver masks, gloves and sanitizer to healthcare facilities across North America. With almost $1 million raised, your donations were crucial for frontline healthcare workers and shelters in the early days of the pandemic. This campaign also inspired us to make our own masks too! 


You get Leakproof! You get Leakproof! Everybody gets Leakproof Underwear!

A milestone that makes every pad, tampon and incontinence product QUIVER, Knix has sold 1 million pairs of our absorbent underwear to date. 

Just a few extra additions to the Knix family

This year, our Knix community grew to 1 million customers. That’s 1 million friends who have trusted us with their bodies, their stories and all of their wonderful journeys. We can’t wait to keep growing with you in 2021. 

Wishing everyone a restful end to 2020, and a hopeful 2021.
Love, Knix