#KnixPride: Amber Grant


Happy Pride! This month, you’ll be seeing the rainbow flag everywhere you look. Created by activist Gilbert Baker, the flag is symbolic of solidarity, power, community and queer culture. But did you know Baker also assigned each colorful stripe of the rainbow a meaning? Join us as we chat with LGBTQ+ folks in our own Knix community, all while marching through all the colors! Check out RedOrange and Yellow here.

Next up is Green. Green symbolizes natureso we chatted with one of our most brilliant and eco-friendly pals in Toronto, Amber Grant. 

How are you celebrating Pride this month?

This month, I am celebrating Pride by attending Toronto Pride events like the Trans March and Dyke March! I'll also be celebrating in the streets with my brilliant partner, beautiful pals, and queer twin sister.

How do you celebrate all year long?

I celebrate Pride all year long by being my true self always. I also try my best to support queer- and trans- owned businesses as much as possible, attend queer and trans events, and bring my full queer, non-binary self to work every day.

What the heck is your research on?

My research focuses on examining critical environmental injustices related to urban forest management and decision-making. Broadly, I study why trees are planted in certain spaces in cities and not in others!

So much of our period waste (pad wrappers, tampon applicators etc) can't be recycled.  We’re proud that our Leakproof undies are an easy sustainable alternative.

What are 3 things you recommend we do daily to decrease our waste footprint?

  1. When culturally-appropriate and economically feasible, eat less meat!
  2.  Avoid single-use plastics such as plastic grocery bags, plastic cutlery, and straws! Instead, use multiple-use or reusable items like reusable grocery bags, coffee mugs, water bottles, take-out containers, cutlery, and metal straws as much as possible.
  3. When possible, choose sustainable or active transportation! Instead of driving a car or relying on UberX to get around, try taking public transit or if able, try walking, cycling, skateboarding or scootering to your destination.  

Thanks Amber! Keep checking back as we round out Pride month with Blue and Purple

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