Kailani King Wants You to Crush Your Dreams

April 20, 2017
Team Knix

Think back to the beginning of this year — did you make a New Year’s resolution? Now jump back to the present moment and ask yourself if you followed through. You can be honest — it’s a judgement-free zone!

Unless you’re a superhero or have a full time life coach following you around, your New Year’s resolution likely got pushed aside by the heavy stress of everyday life.

It happens, you’re human.

But how do we go about making real, tangible change?

I’ve come up with a goal setting recipe, one you can taste test along the way and adjust to suit your needs. So clear the next twenty minutes, grab your pen and paper, and get excited!

1 cup vision

Imagine your ideal life ten years from now. What would you do if you could not fail? Describe what you see, hear, and feel in your ideal life. Who is with you? Get it all down. 

1/2 cup five year goal

What is a goal that you need to accomplish five years from now in order to attain your vision? There may be a few, but choose the juiciest one.

1/2 cup one year goal

Think of a goal you need to accomplish one year from now in order to achieve your five year goal. Again, there may be many, but cut it down to one. This is the goal that we are going to  work with.

1 tbsp meaningfulness

Make your goal powerful by making it authentic. Shut your eyes and ask yourself what you truly want. Think with your heart rather than your brain for this one. Now look at your goal and make any necessary changes. It should bring you goosebumps when you read it. 

2 tbsp present tense

You are not creating a to-do or wish list here, you are creating your intention for right NOW. The only way that your intention will come true is if you live it every moment of every day. Simply change your language to “I am” instead of “I want” or “I will.”

1 tsp expansiveness

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Break free from limitation and expand yourself by replacing limiting words such as should, always, and never with expanding words such as easily, gracefully, peacefully, naturally, joyfully, harmoniously, etc. For example, I need to change my diet (limiting) to I can’t wait to joyfully experiment with new foods.  

A sprinkle of positivity

Make your goal about what you want, rather than what you don’t want. What excites you? What drives you? Move towards these thoughts rather than negative thoughts.

You will know you’ve created the perfect goal when each word sends a surge of excitement through your body. Don’t force it! Keep modifying your intention every day until it feels right.

Write it out in big, bold letters and put it somewhere where you will see it every day, both first thing in the morning and when you go to bed. And don’t be afraid to share your goal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Email your friends and family. These daily reminders and the social support will create a solid foundation for you to walk the path towards achieving your big, audacious goal.

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