#Knix Pride: Jamie Rabinovitch


Happy Pride! This month, you’ll be seeing the rainbow flag everywhere you look. Created by activist Gilbert Baker, the flag is symbolic of solidarity, power, community and queer culture. But did you know Baker also assigned each colorful stripe of the rainbow a meaning? Join us as we chat with LGBTQ+ folks in our own Knix community, all while marching through all the colors! Check out Red, Orange, Yellow and Green here.

Next up is Blue. Blue symbolizes balance, so we hounded down our busiest and funniest Libra to talk about how she finds time to celebrate Pride (and herself). Meet NYC comedy producer Jamie Rabinovitch

How are you celebrating Pride this month? 

Bottomless brunch with some of my closest queer friends! After brunch, we’ll head over to watch the parade on Christopher Street near Stonewall. New York’s 2017 Pride March was the first Pride event I had ever attended – I was a baby bi, so I’m stoked to be back this year and cheer until I probably lose my voice for the RuPaul’s Drag Race float.  

How do you celebrate all year round? 

New York is so queer friendly that I always feel like I’m surrounded by a supportive community no matter where I am in the city. As someone that is fairly new to the LGBTQ+ community, I felt that it was important for me to learn about the LGBTQ+ community and its history – there’s been a fair amount of self-education, but I’m also lucky to have amazing friends who have helped me along the way. As someone who identifies as Bisexual, I can often feel not “queer enough”.  However I’m fortunate that the LGBTQ+ community continues to evolve and become even more inclusive. So I’m definitely more comfortable than I’ve been since coming out!

We love passionate badasses at Knix, and you’re one of them. Explain your crazy job!

As a comedy producer, I am responsible for organizing a show from A-Z; book the venue, book the talent, send out press releases, promote the show, and basically make sure nothing goes wrong, and if it does - fix it fast! 

How do you balance your career and life? Give us some good self care tips. 

I think when you love your work, it’s easier to balance your career and life, but there are definitely days when I feel down and need “me” time. Self-care is important – it’s exhausting to expend energy on everything but yourself, and it will eventually catch up to you! 

My self-care routine:

  1. Surrounding myself with good, positive energy
  2. Lots of face masks (charcoal is my go-to) 
  3. Spontaneous activities - the other week my friends and I rented bikes and rode them along the Hudson River up to Harlem. 
  4. Allow myself time to unwind - Domino Park in Williamsburg is a great spot to relax and watch the sunset! 

How do you incorporate Pride and your identity into your work? 

The first show I produced was a bi-monthly, all-women (non-binary, trans, women identifying) themed comedy show called All Kidding Aside. I’ve always prioritized shows that highlight women, the LGBTQ+ community, and people of color in queer or queer-friendly venues. I recently produced a show alongside author, Julia Lynn Rubin, called Comedy & Queens starring a lineup of incredible NY queens and comedians, where we raised money for The Trevor Project. 

Thanks Jamie! Check back for Purple!  

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