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Introducing Shapewear

January 27, 2021
Team Knix
We are an intimate apparel brand on a mission to inspire all people at every age to live unapologetically free. 

This is the line that drives us at Knix. It’s the reason why we started the brand in 2013. It’s why our community remains at the forefront of everything we do. And it’s what drives us to keep innovating products that help us navigate the world while feeling absolutely unstoppable.   

When you asked us to make shapewear, we knew we had to look to this mission statement while creating our first collection. While designing Love Your Shape-Wear over the past 2 years, it was important for us to focus on comfort, not contortion. It wasn’t the “before and after” picture that mattered to us. Instead, it was about honoring all the things that make us feel confident, liberated and powerful.

Loving Your Shape isn’t just about loving your body. It’s about loving all the experiences that shape you too. It’s about unlearning the concept that some bodies are considered acceptable, while others are not. It’s about being unapologetic in your skin, despite pressures from society. And ultimately, it’s a celebration of all the other important aspects that make you exactly who you are— how you feel, how you think, and how that extends itself out into the world.

Loving Your Shape looks different depending on who you ask.

For Kenzie Brenna, loving her shape is about being “the most secure” she’s ever felt in her 30s. For Keosha Love, it means being “the sun and the moon at the same time”. And for Christa Couture it means being “resilient as f*ck”. You can read more about these stories by clicking their names and following their journeys.

How do you #LoveYourShape? Watch and share the video below, and leave us a comment over on @Knixwear telling us what shaped you.