Apr 26, 2018

Inside Rebecca Moroney’s Minimalist #VanLife Wardrobe

We chatted with Rebecca Moroney to find out how she chooses items for her minimal wardrobe and what it’s like dressing for the #vanlife.

By: Team Knix

Ever spent a night sleeping in your car? Perhaps because a certain tent-mate (who will not be named) wouldn't stop snoring?

Rebecca Moroney has been living in a van with her partner in life and business, Eamon, for almost a year. Fascinating their followers with vegan recipes, travel photoshoots, and lifestyle videos, Becca and Eamon have become social media “celebrities” and leaders in the #vanlife movement. And not a single snoring-related incident to speak of.

In her first-ever solo video (above), Becca takes her followers on a tour through her minimalist wardrobe. We also chatted with her to find out how she chooses items for her wardrobe and what it’s like dressing for the #vanlife. 

What inspired you to starting living the #vanlife?

It was serendipitous. We came home from backpacking and thought we’d work for a bit and then get back to travelling. But my partner, Eamon, started a tea company in Toronto and we got to thinking about different ways to expand to other cities, so we sort of stumbled upon #vanlife. It gave us a way to combine our two loves, which is tea and our company, and also the ability to travel.

You live together, work together, and travel together. We have to know — do you and Eamon ever get sick of each other?

Honestly, no. It’s really easy to live and work with him. Our relationship grew really quickly from friends to backpacking together, which taught us how to be there for each other and work well together. We have different strengths. He’s a “big picture” thinker and I’m the person who helps get to that crazy goal. We respect each other in our business and work life. We know our roles and really respect each other.

Becca in the Evolution Tank

Becca in the Evolution Tank in Black

What kind of things do you look for in building your minimal wardrobe?

For me, it’s about the need, the brand, and the brand’s values. I look for brands that are ethically made or doing great things. Where I spend my dollar is a powerful thing and I’d rather support a company that does something like recycled tights, or a company like Knix that is revolutionizing an industry and showcasing real women. If I’m going to add something new, it’s about “What do I need right now and do I actually really need it?”, not adding another black sweater.

What’s the key to staying minimal? Is it a mental game?

It’s a shift in perspective. When I started valuing experiences over things or money, or whatever it was, when my perspective shifted, it never became a second thought. It’s not something that i value anymore. Because we love #vanlife and that’s our foreseeable future, I know that any other life just won’t fit.

Do you ever miss the things you’ve donated or left behind?

No, never.  

Follow Rebecca's #vanlife adventures on Instagram here or Youtube here

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