3 Ways to Stay Healthy this Holiday Weekend

TEAM KNIX / JUN 28, 2017

As we head into the biggest holiday of the summer (while America celebrates their Independence, we'll be saying Happy 150th to Canada!), it's typical to stress over how you can maintain a healthy routine with the parade of BBQs, rosé all day, and family visits that cut into your workout time.

The truth is, we love long summer days and the freedom that the season brings, but it can be difficult to stay on track with healthy habits. Rather than stress about it, however (SO not summer), we’re finding creative ways to celebrate summer that prioritize our health and wellness without sacrificing fun.

Bring on the Balance

Fourth of July BBQs may not be a vegan paradise, but you can still enjoy yourself without sacrificing all the hard work you’ve put into developing healthy habits. Choose lean cuts of meat, fill up on grilled veggies like corn and zucchini, and alternate a glass of water with every mojito. And don’t you dare skip dessert: your ancestors sacrificed their lives so that you could enjoy that star-spangled cupcake.

Family Ties

If you’re lucky enough to be celebrating the holiday with family or friends, it might be hard to stick to your regular fitness routine. Rather than sneaking out for a 6AM spin class, choose an activity that can get everyone’s heart pumping. Head out for a hike or a long beachcombing adventure, or take over a local park with a game of flag football, softball, or capture the flag. You’ll maximize togetherness and still have the chance to work up a sweat.

Take Time for Yourself

Between the onslaught of picnics, meal prep, kids’ activities, and more, long weekends can start to seem a little...well, long. One of our favorite methods of self-care is a simple 10-minute seated meditation. No special equipment or training needed: just find a quiet corner (and closed door) and spend those 10 minutes working on your deep breathing. Bonus points if you can list three things that are inspiring gratitude this summer weekend. A simple recharge might be all you need to dive back in.

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