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How Do I Stop Thigh Chafe? And Other Sweaty Summer Questions Answered

July 09, 2021
Isabella Torchia

Nearing the end of my vacation in Mexico a few years ago, I cried on the beach. It wasn’t because I knew I was returning to the cold Canadian weather soon or because I had my heart broken by a fleeting crush I met by the pool— it was because the heat had made my inner thighs chafe so freaking much

I have had a butt my whole entire life. While some girls got boobs when puberty hit, it was my derriere that really sprang into action at age 13. Don’t get me wrong, I love it— “Thick Thighs Save Lives” will be on my tombstone, mark my words. But the annual summertime thigh chafe has been a very literal pain in my ass since the dawn of time. And I know I'm not the only one.

Luckily, I was vacationing with Knix’s very own Social Media Manager Steph who threw me an extra pair of her Thigh Savers once we were back at our apartment. Instantly, my eyes were open. My mind was clear. And my thighs? Well my thighs felt relief in hot weather for the first time in 10 years. 

display: centredMe immediately post-cry in Mexico (clock the Thigh Savers though!) I don't look too impressed, but that's only because I was filled with tequila. 

So with my own pair of Thigh Savers handy, learn about 4 ways to prevent chafe (and not just on your inner thighs!)—  so you too can bike, take long walks on the beach, wear all your fav sun dresses, not cry on vacation and have the best summer ever. *

*Thigh burning, itching and redness not included.

Invest in Anti-Chafe Shorts 

Listen ya’ll, I’d be recommending Knix’s Thigh Savers even if I didn’t famously work here. These anti-chafe shorts feel a bit different than bike shorts. They’re lighter, they’re airy, they’re seamless. They come in a 6 inch length and a 4 inch which are perfect for shorter dresses. 

thigh savers display: centred

You can check out other anti-chafe options like certain balms or creams (I’ve tried them all), but there is something about the reliability of throwing on a pair of lightweight shorts and going about your day that feels unmatched. They’re a sure fire way to get rid of friction, and are breezy enough to layer under your gorge summer wardrobe. 

Swap Out Your Detergent

Chafe doesn’t just happen between your thighs in hot weather. Under your arms, your neck, nipples, anywhere your clothing is tight… chafing and heat rashes certainly don’t discriminate. If you’re prone to this, take a peak in your laundry room. 

Swapping out detergent and softener for ones specifically made for sensitive skin will give you some maaaajor relief this summer. Check out detergents free from chemicals, artificial fragrances and dyes. You can also DIY your own non-toxic laundry detergent if you’re looking for an extra hobby this summer. There are a bunch of different options online (mostly just involving easy ingredients like epsom salts and essential oils), so check out one here to get you started.

Moisture Wicking Fabric

Anytime things feel… moist, it’s never a good time. The second my body starts to feel hot and sticky, I start the inevitable countdown to Chafe City. So I try to dress in fabrics that are breathable and help to absorb moisture. The less sweat and dampness, the less friction!

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Materials like cotton and linen are natural fibres that allow for heat to escape while also absorbing sweat. All of Knix’s undies have moisture wicking properties, so head on over here if you want to prevent things from feeling swampy

Talk About It

Okay, spare me! This isn’t actually like, a physical way to prevent thigh chafe. Sorry! But talking about things always makes the annoyance feel better. Not only will complaining about it release some stress (as complaining always does), but talking about it will normalize the experience a bit more for everyone.

Although we lovingly refer to thigh chafe as chub rub, that really has nothing to do with it. Everyone sweats! Everyone’s body torches together in the summer! It just happens. The more we chit chat about chafe the more we can dispel notions that it only happens to only certain kinds of bodies. And the more we talk about it, the more we can create solutions, tips, and tricks to make us all live as comfortably as we can. Even when the weather is an absolute scorcher. 

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