Happy National Underwear Day!

TEAM KNIX / AUG 05, 2017


You've come a long way, baby. 


We're celebrating National Underwear Day by saluting all the women who came before: the ones who had to endure goatskin panties in Ancient Rome, 16th century whalebone cages, and the rib-cracking joy of girdles. 

Even if you prefer commando, you have to admit it's nice to have the option: women didn't regularly have access to underwear until the 1800s! And those early linen "pantaloons" were both crotchless (!!!) and heavy, not good for much other than adding bulk and heat. And things didn't get much better. In the 1900s women started sewing knickers our of flour sacks, and during WWII they'd steal parachute silk to sew into more comfortable undies. 

Fast forward to today, and women have more options than ever. Why not take a moment to celebrate the underwear innovations that empower you to embrace your body, live free of the worry of leaking and odor, and never never NEVER have to wear goatskin again? 

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