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#FeelGood: Learning to Be Comfortable by Myself

December 21, 2020
Team Knix
All month long, we’ve been celebrating all your triumphant moments of 2020. In a year that can only be described as unprecedented, we reached out to our community to learn about all your #FeelGood moments from the past 365 days. We’ve heard about new businesses, new self-care routines and starting new TV shows. No matter how big or small, everything was an accomplishment in 2020. There’s a lot to be proud of!
Through this, our friend Liz Shaw told us all about her year of self discovery. Read on to learn more about what she’s proud of, how she learned to take the plunge, and what she’s most looking forward to in 2021. Meet Liz.  

Liz Shaw

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work! 

Hey, Knix Fam! I'm Liz Shaw and I am a lover of the ocean, wellness rituals, reading about other people's experiences, and constantly growing and evolving. To summarize, I can't sit still! I grew up in rural Ontario but called British Columbia home for most of my life and was lucky to live among the mountains and the ocean. I lived in the United States for a few years after my undergrad and now call the opposite coast of Canada home— Halifax, Nova Scotia where I live with my partner. My family still lives on the West Coast, including my beautiful and supportive, twin sister!

I work in management consulting as a Privacy Analyst, where I support organizations in identifying and mitigating privacy risk. I am currently studying human-centred design thinking and its correlation to social innovation initiatives and I find it so fascinating!

What are you the proudest of in 2020?

This year has been quite the ride. I have many things I am proud of this year.

From starting my own wellness business By Liz Shaw and launching my first digestive wellness program, to starting watercolour painting as a hobby— there were so many wonderful milestones and goals I checked off this year. But the milestone I am the proudest of in 2020 was learning to be myself and being comfortable with that.

As an extrovert, I am constantly on the go meeting people, going to events, and over-stimulating my mind. My schedule was always filled to meet the demands and goals of other people. The pandemic really forced me to stop, assess, and prioritize the people I want in my life, the relationships that matter to me, the goals I want to achieve, and how I want to spend my time. The only agenda that mattered now was mine. Since March, I have journaled and meditated almost every single day and it was instrumental in managing my stress, my thoughts, and my daily priorities. I no longer needed other people or events to make me feel fulfilled— I had myself.  

What’s something you discovered about yourself?

Throughout this year, I learned that the small wins and daily gratitude have the power to change your mindset. Through self-love, dedication, and positivity, I learned I was capable of reaching those goals I thought were unattainable. I wanted to start my own wellness business for so long but made excuses that I was working full-time. I wanted to spend time watercolour painting but told myself it was too late and I didn't have time. I wanted to launch my own digestion course but had always told myself that no one would take it.

Liz Shaw🎨: A Liz Shaw Original

This year taught me that if I wanted something, I could make it happen. And the shift in mindset was instrumental in making all those dreams a reality! Not all days were positive and it involved a lot of hard work and an encouraging support network, but ultimately it came down to me and what I wanted. It's been so powerful and transformative! 

What are you most looking forward to in 2021? 

I don't even know where to start! So many things! Definitely continuing on to ride out the momentum of this year and educating another cohort of individuals on their gut health through my wellness program; continuing to support my mental health and making that a priority through reading, journaling, painting, and meditating; and of course, seeing my family on the West Coast. My mum, dad, and sister are important people in my life and I love sharing my life updates with them. It would be nice to do that in person next year! I also have some additional secret projects up my sleeve for 2021 that I can't wait to share with everyone! You can follow along on Instagram to stay in the loop!

Thank you Liz for sharing all the times you found a way to thrive in 2020! Looking for some more #FeelGood stories? Check out Pearl and Gabriela to learn about their years. We'll see you in 2021!