Everything You Need to Know About the Knix Podcast

March 12, 2019
Katherine Flemming

There's no denying podcasts are on fire.

This medium allows for super intimate subject matter (from exploring psychological challenges in your relationships to ambition, sex, trauma, parenting, fitness—you sensing a trend here? It's basically anything you can think of) and putting it into two little eardrums. You get a captive audience loaded with storytelling, service, information, debate, musings—again, the possibilities truly are endless.


So we've done a lot of groundwork with our #FacesofFertility campaign, which we launched last fall. We've found that women—and men—need a place to talk. To share. To inform themselves about the future of their fertility. And there's a great intimacy that podcasts lend themselves to—no one creeping on your screen (we all have that colleague, right?), or worrying about your mailman seeing your subscription to Fertility News Mag (probably not a thing but it could be).

The point is: everyone is touched by fertility, and the way you experience that journey is completely personal. So we wanted to be able to share that content in a way that works for you: whether you want to blast it at home while you're pouring a crisp glass of rosé, or if you want to bury it into your ears during your morning commute. And let me give you some fair warning: Joanna and I really get into some raw, honest and no-holds barred kind of conversations. So maybe bare that in mind if you're doing that aforementioned blasting.

The topics? We'll be talking about fertility in tech, the struggle that is surrogacy, lobbying for your health, fertility acupuncture and more. The hosts? Myself, Katherine Flemming, and CEO and Founder of Knix, Joanna Griffiths

Launch date is April 22rd, in tandem with Infertility Awareness Week. We're aiming to fill your ears with 12 episodes of goodness, and you'll be able to listen to it wherever you get your podcasts. We can't wait for you to hear!