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TEAM KNIX / JUL 20, 2018

We’ve all been there: Hot day, late for work, and a light-colored top that leads to you drying your armpits under a bathroom hand dryer. But if you think you’ve had the sweats, wait until you read these Knix customers’ horrifying stories. At least they can look back on it and laugh now, right?

Tinder Terror

“I wore a really cute dress on a date just to have him rudely point out my sweat stains. I was mortified and, suffice it to say, there was no second date.” - Katie

First Impressions

“A few weeks ago, it was nearly 30 degrees Celsius and I was at a meet-and-greet for the MBA program I'm starting. The event was in a beautiful room with a wall of windows, so it was extremely hot. I was wearing dress pants and a blazer. We all sat down (on plastic chairs) for an hour-long presentation. Needless to say, I was sweaty. When it was time to stand up, there was a defined sweat print on the chair, a sweat mark on my pants, and to top it all off, the guy beside me commented on it! What a way to make a first impression!" - Jasmine

Awkward Audition

"When MTV first came to Canada in the 2000s, I made it to the final round of auditions to be one of the on-air VJs. When I got to the studio, they had the lights turned all the way up to 11, so I was regretting my decision to wear a green silk blouse! Every time there was a break in the filming, I would sneak off to dry my soaked through shirt on an old radiator. Little did I know that there was someone behind the scenes taking notes on our off-air behaviour!" - Joanna, Knix Founder

Stripe Gripe

“I have hyperhidrosis on my hands, feet, and underarm. I once locked myself out of a hotel room because I couldn’t grip the door knob to turn it. But the most embarrassing moment was my manager complimenting the stripes on my dress after I gave a presentation to a 100-person room. It wasn’t a striped dress: I realized I had a stretch of darker fabric from armpit to hem as sweat had rolled down my body during my 20 minute presentation.” - Ashley

Anatomy 101

“Just last week I went to pick up my little ones from preschool, and I went right after a run. Obviously, in this heat I was sweating like crazy. As I go into the play yard to pick them up, my son yells from across the playground, “Hi Mom! Why are your nipples crying?!?” I had to explain to everyone that it was just sweat, and then later give my son an anatomy lesson that the whole breast is not called the nipple. Basically I need to up my game before we get into sex talks in the years to come!” - Meg

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