We wanted to take a bit of the stress off of Mother’s Day, so we designed some cards just for you. Download them, share them, send them to Mom, but whatever you do, don’t forget to spoil the lady who gave you life.

1. For the long-distance daughter:

If we can’t be together on Mother’s Day, at least we can drink the same wine.

2. For the daughter-of-the-year:

You do great work, Mom. I mean … case in point.

3. For the daughter who’s now a mom:

Thanks for teaching me how to mom, Mom.

4. For the feeling-kinda-guilty daughter:

Again, sorry for what I did to your lady parts. Happy Mother’s Day.

5. For the daughter living on social:

I love you. Despite what you commented on my friend’s Facebook pics.

6. For the difficult daughter:

Mom, just for today, I promise not to criticize your outfit.


Stuck trying to find the perfect Mother's Day card for your mom? Download and print these ones here.