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Could This Simple Ritual Be the Key to Better Skin?

July 27, 2017
Team Knix

In the quest for clear, refined, glowing skin, we’re basically willing to try anything. Scrubs, oils, lasers, acupuncture - you name it, we’ve done it to our face.

Sometimes, however, simpler is better. That’s the principle we’ve applied to our Knixwear intimates — strong and straightforward construction, impeccable materials, without the itchy and pinching bells and whistles that distract from what underwear is meant to do: keep you comfortable, dry, and supported. And it’s an ethos we share with our friends at Province Apothecary, a Canadian-made skincare brand that uses all-natural ingredients to bring balance and clarity back to your skin from the inside out. We love how soothing and simple their products are, and they recently told us something about our skincare routine that totally BLEW OUR MINDS.

Turns out, we could be skipping all the fancy facials and treatments by simply giving our skin a little extra love with this natural facelift ritual. Julie Clark, the founder of Province Apothecary, recently shared her morning and night acupressure and massage treatment: a two-minute ritual that stimulates pressure points and moves the lymphatic fluid around your face to drain toxins, clear skin, and give a natural glow. And not only does it leave you looking fabulous, it’s a wonderful way to slow down and give yourself a moment to meditate and express some self-love. We love it as a summer reset: a chance to give your skin a break from all the sun and sand. 

Ready to give it a go? Watch the video above and check out the downloadable poster available at Province Apothecary. And, if you want to level up with a longer treatment, our perennial-crush Lisa Eldridge, makeup artist extraordinaire, has a 20-minute facial massage that we love for a Sunday night refresh.