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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bra Online

July 08, 2020
Team Knix

Just because we're all doing our part to stay home, that doesn't mean we can't still help you figure our your perfect Knix size! Virtually that is.

Did you know we offer free Virtual Fittings? Phewf! This means that wherever you are in the world, you can get 1-on-1 sizing help from one of our fit experts over a video call. Ready to get a free personal consult? You can book a 20 minute session here. 

Read on to find out everything you need to get started, and stay to the end to meet a few members of our wonderful Virtual Fit team. 

Virtual Fit Tips and Tricks 

How it works 

When you book a virtual fitting appointment, you’ll be sent a meeting link in your confirmation email. Our team uses Google Meet to video chat. 

What to use

We recommend using a computer or laptop, but a tablet or phone works too. If you’re on your computer or laptop, all you have to do is click the link provided in the confirmation email, and then the JOIN button to enter. That's it, you're in! 

If you’re using a mobile device, you’ll have to download the Google Meet app first from your app store. Please note that you’ll need to login to a Gmail or Google account to use the Google Meet mobile app. If you don’t have a Google or Gmail account, you can join the meeting using a web browser on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. 

If you’ve never used Google Meet before, we recommend setting up a few minutes before your appointment. If you need any help doing so, you can email the team at Amazing fit consultants and tech experts? They can do it all. 

What to bring 

If you have a soft measuring tape around your house, that’s ideal. If not, a ribbon/string and a tape measure are great too. 

What to wear 

Should I wear a bra? Do I keep my clothes on?are two of the most common questions our team gets! The answer to these are simple: to ensure you get the most accurate measurements, we recommend wearing a light top such as a t-shirt for your fitting. Underneath it, we also recommend an unpadded or lightly padded bra. Or, going bra free under your tee is an option too! You’re at home, we understand. 

It's that easy. We’re excited to meet you! 

Meet some of our Virtual Fit Team, and book your virtual fit session here. See you soon 👋


About me: I love reading and helping people in whatever capacity I can! 
My go-to Knix product: It’s very hard to choose just one. Currently, I’m obsessing over the WingWoman and Catalyst. 
Fav Virtual Fit Moment: It’s always a pleasure seeing our clients’ faces light up when they have their measurements done and know that they are going to be the proud owners of a Knix bra!  


About me: I love connecting with others and really enjoy a good long laugh 
My go-to Knix product: Too hard to choose just one! It would have to be a tie between the Dream Shorts and the Pullover Bra.
Fav virtual moment: I love speaking to Moms and daughters together! I have had some incredibly sincere, funny and heartwarming conversations with two generations of women who love Knix!


About me: I’m an artist and writer living in Vancouver. I absolutely love talking to guests in store or online. 
My go-to Knix product: I love the Catalyst bra and my new favourite is the Waffle Robe. I love my Catalyst bra for running but I also wear it all the time as an everyday bra. And the Waffle Robe is just so flattering and soft. 
Fav Virtual Fit Moment: My favourite virtual fit moment was helping a lovely nurse who just came home after a long shift and was looking for a comfortable, breathable and supportive bra to wear throughout the day. We were able to measure her and find the perfect fit. It was an amazing experience.