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TEAM KNIX / AUG 17, 2018

We can all relate to the awkward feeling of pulling a tampon out of your purse, sneakily concealing it in your sleeve or pocket, and hurrying off to the bathroom. (And who hasn’t taken her entire purse to the bathroom despite having nothing to buy and nowhere to go?!) It’s uncomfortable enough pulling that off in the office or when out for dinner, but imagine being caught in that same predicament while on set during a 14-hour night shoot with a crew of full of men.

For Audrey, a Knix customer based in Seattle, it's something she's had to deal with as a camera operator in the film industry. And when she told us how much her Knix products have saved her butt on set, we had to ask her about what it’s like working in the industry and why it’s so important for women to have intimates that work for them.


What’s it like being a woman in film?

Knix customer Audrey

The camera department is crazy. You don’t really get a break because you always need to be preparing for the next thing. In Seattle, we actually have a lot of women who are involved. It’s really accessible, but for many reasons it’s still a male-dominated area. And even though I have always felt huge support from the men in the industry, there are certain things that guys just aren’t gonna get.


It’s a running joke among the women in the industry that every time you go to the bathroom you have to shed layers, and belts, and walkies, just to take care of the situation down there. And that doesn’t cover the times when a bathroom just isn’t available and you need to get creative. I’ve definitely had to pee behind a tree before!


How does your underwear impact your work day?

When I started in the camera department I was focused on finding the gear that would allow me to be fast and efficient, like the right tool belt or flashlight. However, I realized my hat, coats, jeans, and bras and underwear made a difference too. That was around the time that I found Knix. I was so unhappy with the bras I was using for work, because you still want to feel like a lady; you don’t want to feel like you’re strapped down every day. Some bras really accentuate you and some bras kind of diminish you, and I think [Knix bras] land in that happy medium, where you can wear a top and not have it be all about your boobs. I still want to feel like a woman, but at work, I don’t want attention for that. And for the underwear, I was looking for something for my period or just everyday use, underwear that’s comfortable. Lace after twelve hours? … I’m over it.


How have the Leakproof undies saved you on set?

Knix customer AudreySo, so many times. The best example was one of my first big jobs as a camera assistant. It ended up being one of the hardest days of my life. It was an overnight shoot and bathroom breaks were not an option. We went to five different locations and it was raining … it was just a lot to do in a night. I started my period when I got to set, but I knew it was coming so I had [my Leakproof underwear] on. I also had a tampon, but it started to leak, and that underwear saved me. Otherwise I would have 100% leaked through what I was wearing. And then I’d be stuck on what ended up being a fourteen or fifteen hour day, trying to explain to my colleague, who I had hoped to make a good impression with, why I was more preoccupied with finding a bathroom than getting him a filter.  It ended up working out really well and I think knowing my gear had my back was a huge part of helping me to feel confident on set.

Do you think the conversation is changing? Is it getting better?

I like that the culture is shifting to, ‘Hey, this happens.’ It shouldn’t have to be something that is taboo to talk about. I like to live in that in-between zone where it’s something that’s just there. Of course I have a period, that’s normal, but it’s also not something that I feel like I have to shout from the rooftops. I want to be known for my work, regardless of my gender. So products that help remove any distraction from that goal are a huge deal in my day-to-day life.


For that reason I feel really hopeful for the future. I think it’s really incredible that there are companies that are saying women shouldn’t have to deal with one option. We’re all different, our boobs are all different, so we need solutions that work for different body types. I think it’s a really exciting time to be a lady, knowing there are companies like Knix that provide women with the things that they need in order to live their lives and accomplish the things that they desire to do.

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