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Are You Risking Your Skin?

July 07, 2017
Team Knix

By now, we know you’re more than aware of the dangers of repeated sun exposure. Still, it’s hard to resist the siren song of long days on the beach - especially if you’ve been suffering through a Canadian winter, like us.

We know you’re all wearing and reapplying your sunscreen (YOU ARE WEARING YOUR SUNSCREEN, RIGHT?) and staying out of direct light in the hours when the sun is strongest, but are there other ways you can be saving your skin’s appearance and health?

Brim it to win it

Our must-have accessory these days is a wide-brimmed sun hat - the bigger, the better. You want to find a hat with a close weave to protect your scalp (the skin up there is particularly sensitive, and it’s difficult to notice potentially cancerous spots on a part of your body you don’t see often), and one with a brim that will shade not only your face, but the front and back of your neck. There’s something unmistakably chic about a straw hat, but we actually prefer one we can scrunch down for easy travel - you’ll be much more likely to wear it if you don’t have to worry about how you’ll pack it. Try this one by Coolibar - there’s additional UPF 50 protection in the fabric itself!

Cover up

Dermatologists all agree that the best protection against skin cancer is actually covering your skin. So there's no reason to stop with a hat - plenty of companies are now making clothing infused with SPF up to 50+ that you can throw on as an added barrier or after swimming, before you have a chance to reapply your sunscreen. We love Mott50 for their actually cute options (we'd wear their stuff even if they weren't basically saving our lives.) For summer, one of our favorite outfits is an oversized white linen button-up layered over our new all-black Longevity bra for a super easy, cool, and protected summer look.

Nourish from the inside out

It's important to think about your skin’s health holistically: while you’re covering up externally, you can also make sure the foods you’re eating provide a good foundation for your internal wellness. Foods that are rich in antioxidants, like salmon, dark berries, organic green tea, and grapes, not only help prevent your skin from burning, but can also repair cellular damage that comes from sun exposure. Add vitamin C foods, like citrus fruits and kale, and you've got a diet rich in skin-healthy vitamins and minerals.