All Style. No Sweat.

TEAM KNIX / AUG 29, 2018

Sweat happens. And if you’re someone who suffers from hyperhidrosis or, you know, wore a coat that’s too warm and feel too embarrassed to take it off, you know what it's like to break an inconvenient sweat. 

For many of us, the fear of sweat stains can lead to a entire closet overhaul, removing any light-colored or tight-fitting clothing entirely. At Knix, we believe no one should have to limit their wardrobe options or live in fear of armpit embarrassment, so we created a solution to the problem.

No typical tee

The Don’t Sweat It T-Shirt is no average undershirt. It’s designed with Fresh Fix Technology® in the underarm panels to block sweat stains and prevent odor. And it’s form-fitting so you can wear it comfortably under layers or tucked into jeans. It’s the t-shirt that will help you say goodbye to sweat stains, save on your dry cleaning bill, and open up a whole world of outfit options.

So, what are the outfit options for this terrific tee, exactly? Well, here are some ideas.

Wear the Don’t Sweat It T-Shirt as …

A layering piece with your favourite silks and sheers

The Don't Sweat It T-Shirt

The Don’t Sweat It T-Shirt (DSIT, for short) is perfect for wearing under your favourite button-down or sheer top. You’ll need to wear something under them anyway, and with the DSIT, you’ll save your best tops from sweat stains and odor (and expensive dry cleaning). Your cleaner won’t appreciate it, but your bank balance sure will.

A top-secret sweat shield

The Don't Sweat It T-Shirt

Wear your favourite shades worry-free by layering the DSIT under everything you never thought you could wear. (Yes, that means light gray.) And because it’s stretchy and fitted, it tucks in comfortably, moving with you and whatever you’re wearing it under.

An actual t-shirt

The Don't Sweat It T-Shirt

The DSIT deserves to be seen and enjoyed. Rock it like you would your favourite t-shirt, tucked into high-waisted jeans or under a blazer for a great biz-caz look. No more awkward boardroom presentations here.

Wear colors again with confidence. Layer up for fall without worrying about sweat stains. Shop the Don’t Sweat It T-Shirt here.


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