How many Justin Bieber t-shirts is too many?

With changing seasons comes a change of wardrobe, and now that spring is (finally) in the air, a closet clean-out has been on my mind. After stumbling upon a Youtube video about minimalist fashion, I subsequently fell down an internet rabbit hole. I binged my weekend away on blogs, Youtube videos, documentaries, and podcasts on all things minimalism, only to resurface Monday morning with a plan to cut back. Big time.

What I learned is that minimalism is about so much more than stuff. It’s about spending your money wisely. It’s about making space in your life for the things that really matter. It’s about living intentionally, productively, and purposefully.

Some of the minimalists I read about suggested scheduling meditation and digital detoxes (where you take a break from tech for an entire day or weekend) or offered goal-setting guides and journaling strategies. I also discovered endless (and I mean endless) hours of Youtube videos on how to clean out your closet. When it comes to closet purges, these people take no prisoners.

I’m not suggesting that you start living on a 33-item wardrobe like some of these bloggers do, but with spring upon us, there’s no better time to start cleaning out your closet.

Here are some tips I have learned (and used!) on how to clean out your closet and build a minimalist wardrobe this spring:

  1. Start by taking some time to define your “look” by browsing through Pinterest or your favourite fashion blog for ideas. My closet has been a mess for years because I spent my entire twenties trying to figure out what I wanted my style to be. Now that I have a basic framework that defines my look, it’s so much easier to decide if something is worth keeping—either it fits in or it doesn’t. 

  2. Next, pull your entire wardrobe out of your closet and lay everything on the bed. Everything. That means gym clothes, pajamas, and fancy dresses too. Yes, this includes shoes.

  3. Pick up, touch, and think about every. single. item. Sort it all into 4 piles:
    1. Keep - These are your favourite pieces; the ones you love and wear all the time.
    2. Maybe - The pieces you love but never wear, or just can’t seem to part with.
    3. Donate - These are the ones you know you never wear, but they are still in great condition and would make somebody else much happier than they’re making you. If anything is damaged and unwearable, it may be better to toss it out.
    4. Store - Depending on the size of your closet, these could be outfits for special occasions, sentimental items, or off-season items. Many minimalists build “capsule” wardrobes for every season, so anything they aren’t wearing is stored away until the seasons change.

  4. Revisit your Maybe pile and move it all into the Donate pile. If it’s not a “hell yes!”, it’s a “hell no.” If you’re really having a hard time letting go, move it into the Store pile and notice if you reach for it or forget about it altogether.

  5. Don’t let your gym clothes and loungewear masquerade around as part of your daily wardrobe. If you wear yoga pants more than you wear jeans, it might be better to include them as part of your core wardrobe. Move jammies and loungewear into a different drawer or section of your closet so there is no confusion (or temptation).

  6. Finally, tackle your underwear drawer. That’s when you go through every pair of undies, every bra, and every sock. Throw out anything with stains or holes, or that you never wear.

After all of that, you may find it’s time to replace some once-loved pieces. Take your time. Try to invest in higher-quality, versatile pieces that fit within your framework and make you feel great. You (and your wallet) will be grateful that you did.

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